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Chris Schilling writes about video games for a living, and knows an awful lot about Pokémon. Ask him anything. (Though he may have to confer with his son.)

Feature | Music Week: A Hero's Journey

A return to music and magic.

Feature | PES 2018 proves that slower can be better

Gimmicks, Griezmann and gegenpressing: hands-on with this year's model.

Feature | Forget Go - Pokémon Snap is the series' greatest spin-off

And this week's Virtual Console release is the perfect opportunity to revisit it.

Feature | GTA Online: Rockstar ate my gangster

Is the troubled multiplayer mode worth persevering with?

Feature | The play's the thing

Smarter writing in games is a good thing, but let's not forget the importance of intelligent systems.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: The lost art of keeping a secret

Are big budget games losing their mystery in the face of aggressive marketing?

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: How do you solve a problem like Mario?

Does New Super Mario Bros. 2 represent a creative cul-de-sac? And if so, does it even matter?

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Yearning Japanese

Lamenting the death of the import scene.

Feature | Retrospective: Virtua Striker 3 ver. 2002

"Rainbow! Fantastic! Wonderful goal!"

Feature | Retrospective: P.N.03

Schneider house rules.

Feature | Retrospective: Killer7

Try it, you might hate it.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Something Borrowed

Is the increasing recycling of game assets a cause for concern?

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

A cipher Sora eyes.

Pokémon Black & White

You know, for kids.

Wii Party

It's all Mii, Mii, Mii...