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Amazon shows EU ModNation bundles

PS3 and PSP pack-ins spotted.

Information posted on Amazon's German site points to new PS3 and PSP bundles packed with build-your-own-kart-racer ModNation Racers.

Valve rolls out new L4D2 play mode

The Passing owners get to "Bleed Out".

Valve has released the first weekly "mutation" for Left 4 Dead 2's The Passing DLC, adding a new time-limited gameplay mode to the game.

Four more head for Respawn

16 ex-IW staff now signed with company.

Four more former Infinity Ward employees have signed on with Respawn Entertainment, according to information found on their LinkedIn profiles.

UFC 2010 gets exclusive PS3 content

Three new fighters, five new fights.

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 version of MMA fighter UFC Undisputed 2010 will include exclusive fighters and fights not available in other versions of the game.

News roundup: Activision / Bungie deal

All sorts of interesting new info revealed.

Bits of information continue to trickle following the recent surprise announcement of a ten-year publishing deal between Halo developer Bungie and Call of Duty publisher Activision.

Majesco announces Swords for Wii

MotionPlus-compatible effort due this year.

Majesco Entertainment today announced the simply titled Swords, a MotionPlus compatible Wii game that promises "accurate 1-to-1 motion-based battles".

PS3 Nier debuts atop Japanese charts

New SMB Wii holds onto second.

Square Enix's Japan-exclusive PS3 version of Nier, dubbed Nier Replicant, debuted atop the Japanese sales charts for the week ending 25th April.

Off-Road Velociraptor sequel halted

Casual market biz model problems cited.

Indie developer Flashbang Studios has announced that they've stopped development on the follow-up to their 2008 viral hit Off-Road Velicoraptor Safari.

Free Alan Wake DLC with new copies

Content coming "later this year".

Microsoft has announced that a token for free downloadable content will be included with new copies of Alan Wake when it hits store shelves worldwide next month.

Hydrophobia coming to PS3, PC

Xbox 360 release is "timed exclusive".

Dark Energy Digital boss Pete Jones has clarified his company's long-in-development water-based thriller Hydrophobia will indeed appear on the PC and PS3.

Gray Matter getting Xbox 360 release

Adventure now due "Q4 2010".

Publisher DTP Entertainment has announced an Xbox 360 version of their adventure game Gray Matter will be released alongside the long-planned PC version of the game.

XBLA Zeno Clash set for 5th May

"Ultimate Edition" gets worldwide release.

Atlus Entertainment has announced that the Xbox Live "Ultimate Edition" of innovative PC first-person brawler Zeno Clash will be available for download worldwide on 5th May.

French mag points to Red Steel 3

Vitality Sensor support mentioned.

The latest issue of France's Official Nintendo Magazine is apparently reporting that Red Steel 3 is in development at Ubisoft Montreal.