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FFIX dated for Japanese PSN

US release "coming soon".

PSP dominates Japanese hardware charts

Console sales see slight bump.

Wii Kirby pops up in Nintendo financials

No date but set for Japanese release.

Bad Company 2 patch next week

Console update coming 11th May.

Call of Duty: The War Collection spotted

Retailers list WWII-themed three-pack.

Miyamoto pondering paid online service

Defends Nintendo's current online strategy.

Duke: Manhattan Project rated for 360

Side-scroller re-release teased by ESRB.

Nintendo 3DS to have 3D off switch

Protection from potential health effects?

Japan charts: Dragon Quest still No. 1

Peace Walker debuts in second.

Takeuchi not keen to work on RE6

Felt he was in Mikami's shadow.

EA reveals Monopoly Streets

"3D world" game due in autumn.

Activision teases franchise updates

New Bond and Hawk on the way.

Guitar Hero, DJ Hero sequels coming

Music updates hitting in autumn.

Acti financials better than expected

Sees Blizzard driving PC market growth.

Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty

Activision confirms project in conference call.

Kotick comments on Infinity Ward firings

Says decision was "not taken lightly".

Dragon Age DLC detailed

Darkspawn Chronicles to tell new story.

New Pac-Man game set for E3

"Prepare to witness the next evolution."

Carcassonne coming to iPhone, iPad

German board game hits this month.

Luigi playable in Mario Galaxy 2

New video shows other brother.

Assassin's Creed: BH info leaks out

Ubisoft confirms title, promises more soon.

Tom Clancy's HAWX sequel announced

Coming to consoles and PC this autumn.

de Blob sequel coming in early 2011

Eurogamer officially liked the first.

Two Worlds II set for 17th September

Americas get game three days earlier.

Infinity Ward HR rep joins Respawn

15 followed co-founders to new company.

New Dragon: Age Origins DLC named

Darkspawn Chronicles due on 18th May.

Sid Meier's Pirates! coming to the Wii

New features in autumn 2010 release.

Game Room to get update this week

Pitfall, Super Breakout among titles expected.

One million iPads now sold

Milestone hit in less than a month.

Ivy the Kiwi? getting US release

XSeed to publish Naka's puzzle-platformer.

Ratings board lists EA's Project Red

New Syndicate game on the way?

Amazon shows EU ModNation bundles

PS3 and PSP pack-ins spotted.

Starcraft II gets July release date

Download release to follow retail.

Valve rolls out new L4D2 play mode

The Passing owners get to "Bleed Out".

Toy Story 3 to support PlayStation Move

PS3 version also gets exclusive content.

Portables top Japanese hardware charts

PSP edges out DS for top spot.

Telltale announces Puzzle Agent

Adventure game kicks off "Pilot Program".

Four more head for Respawn

16 ex-IW staff now signed with company.

UFC 2010 gets exclusive PS3 content

Three new fighters, five new fights.

Super Street Fighter IV ships a million

Fighter fills shelves fast.

News roundup: Activision / Bungie deal

All sorts of interesting new info revealed.

Free Realms still in development for PS3

Console port will be shown at E3.

Majesco announces Swords for Wii

MotionPlus-compatible effort due this year.

PS3 Nier debuts atop Japanese charts

New SMB Wii holds onto second.

Off-Road Velociraptor sequel halted

Casual market biz model problems cited.

Free Alan Wake DLC with new copies

Content coming "later this year".

Mega Man Zero Collection dated for US

Portable collection hits on 8th June.

WarioWare heads Nintendo downloads

Plus: Surviving High School! Save the Turtles!

Hydrophobia coming to PS3, PC

Xbox 360 release is "timed exclusive".

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