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Gray Matter getting Xbox 360 release

Adventure now due "Q4 2010".

New Call of Duty trailer this week

Will premiere on GameTrailers this Saturday.

Halo: Reach beta to end 19th May

Just over two weeks to get first look.

New Game Room games delayed again

No updates until "further notice".

XBLA Zeno Clash set for 5th May

"Ultimate Edition" gets worldwide release.

French mag points to Red Steel 3

Vitality Sensor support mentioned.

Sackboy joins ModNation Racers cast

Plus: more US pre-order bonuses.

SingStar gets 'Remote' features in June

Also: feedback for "natural vibrato".

Square Enix starts grown-up games label

Extreme Edges to publish violent titles.

Capcom trademarks Mega Man Universe

Let the speculation commence.

BioShock 2's Rapture Metro DLC delayed

No reason or new date given as yet.

Retailers point to black Wii for US

New colour set to arrive on 9th May.

Infinity Ward employees file royalty suit

Claiming $625 million in MW2 bonuses.

Paddy Power taking Street Fighter bets

Could set a new trend, reckons bookmaker.

Image hints at possible XBLA Shenmue

Is "Project Berkley II" for real?

Three more Infinity Ward devs leave

Plus: two ex-staffers sign-up for Respawn.

Valve updates Steam interface

Wishlists! News! Improved menu options!

Halo: Reach promo premieres this week

Teaser to show "Birth of a Spartan".

US to review California's violent game law

Case could set precedent for rest of country.

Bleszinski shows and details Gears 3

MS confirms Euro date, first vid inside.

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