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Rob Fahey

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Rob Fahey is a former editor of GamesIndustry.biz who spent several years living in Japan and probably still has a mint condition Dreamcast Samba de Amigo set.

Inafune surprised Layton/Wright happened

Didn't think Capcom would work with rival.

"Loads of plans" for LittleBigPlanet DLC

Media Molecule keen to meet demand.

LBP dev hints at another big reveal

One "people don't see coming".

BioShock rescued shooters, says Levine

"These games had never made any money."

Sony Japan not doing echochrome sequel

But is working on something similar.

Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars

It's a "cool, faithful adaptation".

Bungie talks AI and animation

It's all about picking up pencils.

Online distribution made LostWinds work

It was all "very refreshing", says Braben.

Game quality has "skyrocketed" - Braben

Elite creator praises latest innovations.

Moral choices came late to BioShock

Little Sisters not in original plan.

PC gamers moving to consoles - id

Even core FPS gamers choosing consoles.

Wii forecasts go live

Weather channel now available.

Amazon shuts Wii pre-orders

More like AmaGONE, eh readers?

FBI raids Lineage II rogue op

But did they get epix or phat lewt?

Video Games Live this Sat

In the Hammersmith Apollo - tickets still available!

Take Two loves the PS3

20 games en route.

Strategy First knocks off 20%

Cheap tactical thrills.

Emulators running on PS3?

MAME running on Linux.

MS backs GameShadow awards

Sponsors Innovation gongs.

Frozen Codebase thaws out 360

Dev veterans found new studio.

PS3 titles to use single online sign-in

One sign-in for every game; online features may still differ

Gizmondo bloke gets jail time

Three and a half years.

Heroes to Safeguard Paragon

New mission type revealed for upcoming CoH update.

Studios pull out of Halo film

Fox, Universal unhappy.

Game Career Fair starts tomorrow

Get into games at UK's first videogames careers event.

Saints Row patched

Mostly multiplayer fixes

Duke developers jump ship

DNF still on track, says Broussard.

AI is the future - Maguire

Graphics no longer a big deal

Atari to Witch Europe

In spring. No, it's not a real verb.

GT creator plans revolution

PS3 is his weapon, apparently.

Disgaea coming to PSP

Is that Nippon Ichi in yer pocket?

Scarface dated - in the US

The world is yours on October 8th.

Gundam coming to PS3 this year

Crossfire stomping into Japan and America before Christmas.

Apple getting into games?

Internet Reports reckons so.

Super Smash Bros. coming to Wii

Brawl to feature Wario, Kid Icarus, Solid Snake.

Nintendo talks WiiConnect24

'A system that is new every day,' says Iwata.

PS3 priced and dated

E3: Now with a motion-sensing controller.

Microsoft buys Lionhead

Molyneux signs on the dotted line

Colossus looms over GDC Awards

Five gongs for Ueda's team.

Vote for videogame style icons!

Lara and GTA shortlisted on The Culture Show.

DS hits 3m online connections

UK set to get 1000 new hot-spots.

Medieval 2: Total War announced

SEGA gets entirely aggressive.

Origen finally unveiled

Bunnies on drugs?!! How brave.

EA brings NBA teams to Europe

Under a big EA logo.

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 to support Xbox Live

Konami's next PES sports a spangly new Xbox Live button in the front end. Make of that what you will.

Nintendo pledges long-term Cube support

Won't go to the guillotine in Revolution.

UK tabloid attacks Nintendo over epilepsy

The Sun talks to "top brain expert".

Square Enix considering next-gen Xbox development - Wada

Final Fantasy could make its way to the next Xbox console, according to Squeenix boss, thanks to an "evolution" in Microsoft's thinking...

PlayStation Portable playable for the first time at TGS

Want to get your thumbs wrapped around some PSP games? Be in Chiba City, Tokyo on the last weekend of September, then.

Sega set to publish The Matrix Online

Yes, this is the mythical "SegaTon" - no, it's not anywhere nearly as interesting as you may have been led to believe.

Tecmo announces Xbox version of Project Zero 2

Crimson Butterfly comes to the Xbox, complete with new game modes, costumes, locations and terrifying noises in 5.1 surround.

First details of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar fills us in with the first snippets of information about the next Grand Theft Auto - marking a return to more modern times, with a Menace II Society feel...

Sony E3 Conference - video available now!

Grab our full-size, full-fat video of Sony's E3 conference and clap your eyes on the world's first look at the PlayStation Portable, and much more besides.

Konami announces new PS2 and PSP titles

Metal Gear takes an Acid trip on PSP, Phantom Crash 2050 arrives on PS2, and a Ys RPG gets translated for the first time in over a decade

Nokia reveals key new publisher support and software for N-Gage

Strong software line-up impresses at Finnish giant's second E3 conference

PlayStation Portable officially unveiled in Los Angeles

PSP looks eerily familiar - remember the concept designs? Battery life, size statistics and final specs await inside.

Sony drops US PS2 price to $149.99

PlayStation moves to regain its crown in the US sales rankings with a price drop to mirror Microsoft's

Microsoft extends Live with video chat, game downloads

Xbox Live service grows again with the addition of video conferencing and the Xbox Live Arcade

Forza Motorsport emerges as MS' Gran Turismo challenger

New Xbox racer promises real cars and tracks, detailed vehicle tuning, Live play and trainable AI drivers.

DS image and info hits the web ahead of Nintendo E3 conference

World's first glimpse of Nintendo's new handheld confirms clamshell design, touch panel, GBA compatibility.

Classic NES range for Europe

Relive your wasted youth.

Bits set to bring Constantine to PS2 and Xbox

Comic book legend makes his way to consoles to tie in with Warner Bros' upcoming movie, courtesy of British developer

Sam Fisher back in action as Splinter Cell 3 debuts

New moves, new weapons, more co-op, better graphics - and it's on its way to the PC by the end of this year.

Infinium reveals Phantom - and gives it away for free

Sleek console and quirky controller, with the world's favourite price tag attached

Nokia updates N-Gage hardware platform with N-Gage QD

Key criticisms addressed in the first of several hardware updates.

New Advent for Final Fantasy at E3

A Cloud over the year's biggest games show.

Atari set to .hack the planet

Or Europe, at least, since the rest of the planet is already .hacked.

UK Charts: Football titles dominate

Britain's football obsession drives the software sales charts.

UK Charts: Tiger on top

Tiger, tiger, burning bright.

UK Charts: Soul Calibur II at No.1

The Soul still Burns for Namco's beat 'em up.

UK Charts: Conflict storms to number one

Latest effort from Pivotal hits the top spot.

UK Charts: EyeToy makes it five weeks at No.1

Manic arm-waving officially more fun than smashing demons through buildings.

UK Charts: Eye Toy overtakes Pokemon

Webcam antics provide the feel-good hit for the summer.

UK Charts: Pokemon still on top

And GameCube firmly on the bottom, with less than 1,000 units sold.

UK Charts: Pokemon storms retail

Nintendo's biggest brand keeps its end up, but Xbox and Cube drop off the radar.

UK Charts: Eye Toy takes the top spot

A lot of people are looking silly in front of their TVs this week.

New Vib Ribbon game goes online

A little more information on Masaya Matsuura's latest bout of insanity.

UK Charts: Lara's on top again

Tomb Raider brand proves its worth as near universally panned game keeps on selling.

Criterion announces two new games

Racing and shooting, from the people who brought you Burnout.

Sony confirms PSEx line-up

A hundred games, thirteen publishers, six quid to you sir.

UK Charts: Another week at the top for the Matrix

Consumers show little enthusiasm for red pill.

UK Charts: Enter The Matrix holds the top spot

You hear that, Mr Anderson? That's the sound of a lot of units being sold.

The Matrix enters at number one

Kicking people in the face in slow motion is this week's top pastime.

Zelda holds on to the number one slot

Xbox and Cube releases for Burnout 2 propel Acclaim into the top ten.

No new releases, Splinter Cell still on top

The sad little week that publishers forgot.

ChampMan 4 storms to No.1

Fastest-selling PC game ever? We'll know next week...

Metroid storms the chart

Oh what a difference a few hit titles (and unofficial price cutting) make

Codies pushing genetically modified games

New IndyCar title unlikely to cross-pollinate other games, breeding killer strains

Hack on the Dotted line

The latest bizarrely titled Japanese cross-media experience is on the way to the West

We’re all Doomed!

In the future, we have no shirt buttons