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Rob Fahey

Contributing Editor

Rob Fahey is a former editor of GamesIndustry.biz who spent several years living in Japan and probably still has a mint condition Dreamcast Samba de Amigo set.

FeatureThe Smart Move

After countless false starts, mobile gaming is on the move - led by a surprising champion.

FeatureBlaming the Crunch

Layoffs and closures have little to do with the recession.

FeaturePVP in Age of Conan

Crush your enemies (sometimes).

FeatureRating Compromises

As traffic lights replace PEGI, where next for Britain's rating debate?

Saints Row 2

Where angels fear to tread.

FeatureKnowingly Undersold

The Wii is no longer the cheapest console. It doesn't matter.

Valkyria Chronicles

Turning heads.

FeatureSaints Row 2 - Multiplayer

Wanna take this outside?

FeatureMassive Wars

Taking on World of Warcraft is a fool's errand.

FeatureX Factor

Microsoft fires the first shots in the Christmas sales battle.

Saints Row 2

More than a Grand Theft.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Another spin through a near-finished build.

FeatureThe Gaming Difference

Spore is the latest step towards discovering videogames' voice.

FeatureRock and Roll

Indie games have never been so good - and that's good for everyone.

FeatureCoverage Index

The mass media can seem like the enemy - but it desperately wants to "get" games.

FeatureBuilding BioShock

Ken Levine, Bill Gardner and Chris Kline on narrative, creativity, controversy.

"Loads of plans" for LittleBigPlanet DLC

Media Molecule keen to meet demand.

LBP dev hints at another big reveal

One "people don't see coming".

BioShock rescued shooters, says Levine

"These games had never made any money."

Sony Japan not doing echochrome sequel

But is working on something similar.

Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars

It's a "cool, faithful adaptation".

Bungie talks AI and animation

It's all about picking up pencils.

Online distribution made LostWinds work

It was all "very refreshing", says Braben.

Game quality has "skyrocketed" - Braben

Elite creator praises latest innovations.

Moral choices came late to BioShock

Little Sisters not in original plan.

FeatureRare's Mark Betteridge

The studio head talks about bringing back Banjo.

Siren: Blood Curse - Chapters 1-3

Horribly good value.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Is King Conan worthy of your monthly tribute?

FeatureNVIDIA's Roy Taylor

On the future of graphics and having a bigger installed-base than consoles.

FeatureStar Wars: The Force Unleashed

Observing PS3/360, playing Wii, chatting to producer.


Multiplayer. The perfect drug?

FeatureWe Love Golf

So do Camelot's Takahashi brothers, luckily.

Tabula Rasa

No longer a blank slate.

FeaturePower to the People

If publishers believe in interactivity, why aren't they embracing it?

FeatureDon King Presents: Prizefighter

Eurogamer presents: preview.


Guerrillas in the mist.

FeatureTabula Rasa: Getting Started

Tough love for new recruits.

PC gamers moving to consoles - id

Even core FPS gamers choosing consoles.

FeatureEnemy Territory: Quake Wars

Breaking out on consoles.

FeatureThe Sims 3

Go outside and play.

FeatureThe PC Brigade

GI.biz Editorial: CliffyB says PC gaming's in "disarray", but is it?

Universe at War: Earth Assault

Mars Attacks - and so does everyone else.


Don't tell it what it can and can't do.

FeatureGrasshopper's Suda 51

On the Wii, No More Heroes - and bowel movements.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Funding terrorism and organised crime on the high seas.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Small but perfectly formed.

FeatureQuestioning Conan

An audience in the court of the Barbarian King. For Age of Conan, obv.

FeatureConsole Accessories Roundup

Getting you accessorised for Christmas.

FeatureAge of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Another look at a life by the sword.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Oh no - this is the road to hell.

Return to Vanguard

A second look at Sigil's unfinished symphony.

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Fall of a preconception.

Empire Earth III

Keeping it simply stupid.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Gunning for the top.


Oh yes, we're feeling it.

FeatureSpace Siege

Taking the crawler out of the dungeon.


The great escape.

FeatureEmpire Earth III

The sun never sets.

Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

Throwing the rulebook at you.

Halo 3

The fight, finished.

Fatal Inertia

More of a flesh-wound, really.

Two Worlds


Sword of the New World

Tests your mettle - and, sadly, your patience.

FeatureStar Wars: The Force Unleashed

Only an apprentice of Evil.

Heavenly Sword

Goddess of War.

FeatureGI.biz: Microsoft - The Moore Years

A look at the highs, the lows, and the legacy.


Did the Earth move for you?

FeatureSilent Hill Origins

The root of all evil.


Want to put your money where your mouth is?

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Feeling burnt out?

The Darkness

Embrace the shadows.

FeatureGI.biz Editorial: Rings of Red

Microsoft needs to act now on hardware failures - or risk losing consumer support.

Dancing Stage SuperNOVA

Public humiliation goes private.

FeatureFarewell, Father

Charting the rise and fall of Ken Kutaragi.

Ancient Wars: Sparta

Remind me, where are we dining tonight?

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die?

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

Still burning, still crusading.

FeatureGamesIndustry.biz: Defining Features

Has the high definition era truly begun?

FeatureThe Lord of the Rings Online

Elves and Men and Nasssty Orcses...


Click for Victory!

Medal of Honor Vanguard

Here Wii go again.

FeatureForging the Rings

One Producer to Rule them All.

FeatureGDC: Miyamoto's Vision

Mario's creator on keeping the wife happy.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

You are not prepared.

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony

Time to break out the Anusol.


First encounters of the third kind.


Dreaming up new acronyms with the MMORPRTS.

FeatureGI.biz Editorial: Commodity Value

How convergence will change the landscape of gaming forever.

Virtua Tennis 3

Firmly gripping the shaft.


Having a blast with an old friend.

FeatureGI.biz Editorial: Casual Gaming

Ubiquity is the keyword as casual gaming comes of age.

Every Extend Extra

Explosions for fun and profit.