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Join America's Army again

Oh go on, they've updated it and everything!

Popular US Army recruitment tool America's Army has reached version 2.0 absolutely stuffed to the gills with new kit, much of which we won't pretend to understand. The lengthy and detailed list of changes is available here.

Contract JACJD

Just Another Contract JACK Demo

Monolith has released a single player demo of Contract JACK, its No One Lives Forever spin-off prequel to go alongside the multiplayer demo that was released just last week. The 129MB demo (available from 3D Gamers and Gamer's Hell) features both chapters two and four from the full game.

Vivendi shelves Kill Bill plans

"No subject will be taboo... except the subject that was just under discussion"

Vivendi Universal has shelved development plans for a game based on Quentin Tarantino's latest movie Kill Bill, with the company seemingly snatching up the rights earlier this year… well, just because it could: "While Vivendi Universal Games holds the interactive rights, currently there is no game in development", they said. We can't say we're particularly disappointed ourselves to be honest, having been saddened in the past by many a great film's name sullied by poor cash-in videogaming travesties. Phew eh, readers?

PSP concept design unveiled

Sony offers a glimpse at its little'un.

Sony has unveiled the first concepts of its PSP handheld machine, shown as part of Ken Kutaragi's presentation at the corporation's Corporate Strategy Meeting in New York yesterday. The glossy unit clearly exhibits Sony's knack for crafting sleek-looking bits of kit, looking a bit like a cross between Apple's iPod and the Game Boy Advance (Original flavour).

Cheap Substance!

"Snake? Snake?!"

Solid Snake is set to return to the Xbox once again. But don't get too excited (as if you were), he's merely joining the Xbox Classics budget range from December 5th. If you don't already own Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, this is the perfect chance to get hold of Hideo Kojima's misunderstood opus in its definitive form, featuring as it does the original title plus over 500 alternative and VR missions, as well as the Snake Tales sections - alternative takes on events depicted in the main story.

Siren on its way to Europe

Forbidden Siren now, actually. In March.

Sony has launched a European teaser site for Forbidden Siren, the PS2 survival horror title that's just finished development at SCEI, previously referred to as Siren. The site itself isn't actually that interesting - there's a logo and a countdown along with a drone and some flickery images. All very survival horror. What actually interests us is the fact that we weren't previously aware that the title was on its way to this territory, let alone in March as was announced alongside the site launch. What makes us even happier is that a date hasn't been set in North America yet - revenge is sweet! [ducks]

Word on the street is that one will be able to assume the identity of rapper Snoop Dogg in Activision's forthcoming True Crime: Streets of L.A. once his character is unlocked in the game's "Dogg Patrol" mode. They will then be able to roll in Snoop's custom convertible dealin' time fo' the crime or something. The car has hydraulics and everything apparently, meaning that one might be able bunnyhop through the 'hood whilst relaxing to one of True Crime's many charming rap compositions. If one were so inclined. No you're right, we are not cool.

Battlefield 1.5

New BF1942 patch stuffed with new... stuff.

EA has released a content filled patch for Battlefield 1942, bringing the game up to version 1.5. As well as a new Pacific map, Invasion of the Philippines, the patch brings two new vehicles: the Marines' Elco 80 PT Boat and the Japanese Type 38 coastal craft, both of which sport torpedoes, machine guns and sea mines.

Sony launches Core Combat

First PlanetSide expansion too little too late?

Sony Online Entertainment has launched the first PlanetSide expansion pack, Core Combat. The pack opens up underground caverns that house ancient alien technology and weaponry that can be put to use by any of the PlanetSide's three empires. It introduces "urban style" combat in underground cities, as well as more mission objectives aside from the usual capture-and-hold style of the original game.

Vivendi announces Van Helsing

Do the monster mash. DO IT.

Vivendi has announced details of Van Helsing, a third-person action title based on Universal Pictures' forthcoming eponymous action-adventure flick. The movie from writer-director Stephen Sommers - responsible for The Mummy and The Mummy Returns - returns to draw inspiration from the studio's classic horror back catalogue. Again.

Prince of Persia is the golden boy

PS2 version in duplication.

The PlayStation 2 version of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has gone gold and is in production, and assuming some kind of major disaster doesn't occur between now and the 21st November, we should see it in the shops. Then. Which is good because we've heard lots of nice things said about it. PC and GBA versions will make it out before the end of this year, with Xbox and Cube versions to follow in January (annoyingly) so we should expect more exciting gold announcements for those very soon as well. Hold onto your… Persian things.

Leisure Suit Larry to rise again

It's official this time.

Nobody had any idea about a new Leisure Suit Larry game in development until vague details were spurted across the internet last week, but now Vivendi has finally officially announced the return of the famous balding loser. Or rather, his nephew. Due for release late next year on PC, PS2 and Xbox, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (not a working title as was first thought) is being worked on by High Voltage Software, responsible for the really quite good Hunter: The Reckoning titles.

Make a Worms site, win a PC

Learn HTML for fame and fortune!

Sega and Team 17 are running a competition to dig up the finest Worms 3D fan site on the web, which will be crowned the Official Worms 3D Fansite, or the Official Unofficial Worms 3D Site, or the... never mind. The prizes up for grabs certainly seem worth brushing up on your HTML skills for, with a 2.8GHz PC up for grabs (from Packard Bell) as First Prize, and Leadtek A340 GeForce FX5200 Ultra TD video cards for five runners-up. All those numbers must mean it's pretty expensive.

Valve confident in Steam's abilities

A progress update on everybody's favourite digital delivery method.

Valve's Greg Coomer has posted on the official Steam site with a significant update detailing the current status of the digital distribution system and what the company's main priorities are at the moment.

Ex-Blizzard lads unveil their Flagship

Plus: Bill Roper answers questions about things.

The ex-Blizzard fellows collectively responsible for the company's crowning glories Diablo, Diablo II, WarCraft and StarCraft have unveiled their new development team, Flagship Studios. The company was founded by former executives of Blizzard North David Brevik, Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer, Bill Roper and Kenneth Williams, and they are joined by various other ex-Blizzard employees responsible for some of the most popular PC titles ever made.

Fallout's console debut goes gold

At Eurogamer, we have the Brotherhood of Mugwum. Get me out of here.

The PS2 and Xbox versions of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel have reached gold status, meaning the console debut for the much-loved series is well on its way to its November release.