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This is my public bio. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My public bio is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my public bio is useless. Without my public bio, I am useless.

Vivendi reveals Tribes: Vengeance

Missed the boat on this one, didn't we?

Nintendo go Square

Mmm... GBA RPGs...

Sega to publish Worms 3D

I think I'll go and eat worms.

Free Radical moves on from TimeSplitters

Uh oh, third-person stealth alert.

Arnie to star in Terminator 3

B-b-b-bad to the bone.

Enemy Territory test released

One map, 100mb. Nice.

E3 2003: Ubi Soft's line-up

BG&E, Prince of Persia, XIII, Raven Shield Xbox

E3 2003: Dreamcatcher's line-up

Arx Fatalis, BattleCruiser Generations and more

Ratchet & Clank return

Sequel ready later this year

Namco and McFarlane spawn cross-license

Spawn game and Soul Calibur II figures are the offspring

Tekki/Steel Battalion Wars murmurings

Details of Steel Battalion's online debut sort of revealed

Romijn-Stamos digitised

TRON 2.0 absorbs pretty ladies

CDV's Easter gift to you

Rabbit rabbit rabbit

E3 2003: Buka's line-up

Games, apparently. Lots of them.

World War II: Frontline Command demo released

You want mirrors? We gots ya stinkin' mirrors!

Ghost Recon 2 on the cards

Also new Splinter Cell expansion? Game? Who knows...

Xbox goes green

Pretend you have a debug this May!

RollerCoaster Tycoon expands again

Keep your hands inside the car

Xbox Counter-struck

Fire in the hole!

OpFlash 2 on the cards

Not any time soon, mind

Midway is Suffering

Don't drop the soap

Extreme Beach Soccer

Well, okay, not really

Hercules goes hardcore

Upgrade. Do it. DO IT.

Maxis will swap freebies for cities

Impress with your erections

Silent Hill Project

Nothing to do with survival horror, sorry

A return to Persia

Ubi releases details of the classic remake

Dragon Ball Z expands

It all sounds very exciting, we're sure

Splash Damage talks Enemy Territory

Territorial pissings…

Raven Shield hits 1.1

Patchy patchy

Master of Orion 3 patched

Includes AI and balancing alterations

Postal 2 demo released

We're concerned about the amount of fun we had

Puff the magic dragon

Can we go home yet?

Tiwak's Tork back on track?

It's good to Tork

Red Shark demo released

Chopper's out! Ahaha!

Teeny tiny tennis

More small ball action for the GBA

Club Football turns 17

Tom made me write a football story. There is no love.

Be The Hulk in June

A decidedly un-jolly green giant

Primal Art winners announced

Caution: This article contains the words "sensory perception"

Crazy Taxi arrives on GBA

Craaaaaaaazy Taaaaaa- sorry

Mace Griffin rocks

You have heard of Henry Rollins, haven't you?

New RTS heads for GBA

Fulfilment at last for point-and-click strategy fans

Crystal Chronicles at E3

We might have a go if we're passing. Not fussed really.

Konami brings about the apocalypse

Starting in September

Counter-Strike hits the arcades

Namco in apparent lapse of concentration

Orange GBA SP on the way for Japan

Yes, alright, it's official. Leave us alone.

America's Biggest Halo Fans

Or: "When Halo Fans Attack"

Be part of the Revolution

Demis: more (Tom came up with that one, don't blame me)

Cold War on the horizon

Bop some commies

Blizzard cracks down on cheaters

143,000 accounts 0wned

Jedi Knight 3 details revealed

Let's keep this simple...

SpyHunter gets a sequel

More exciting transforming car jiggery-pokery this Autumn

DreamCatcher snares Arx Fatalis for Xbox

RPG your face off this Winter

Bethesda to terrorise the seven seas

Arr, me scurvy's givin' me gip or something

Go POSTAL in April

Brace yourselves

Commandos 3 "will be more accessible"

Major alterations pander to the masses

Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be...

Imperium Galactica sheds its namesake

Sold Out and EA, sitting in a (money) tree

Black and White for a fiver anyone?

Xbox, PS2 MORPH into karaoke machines

Tom sings in the bathroom, I heard him

More cheese Gromit?

It's got monkeys in it

Nintendo offline at E3

Head-in-sand syndrome?

Infogrames put Horizon on the horizon

Do you see what I did there? Clever.

Art students get Primal

When pretension and gaming attack

Devastate the opposition

In the name of fame and fortune! Sort of...

PSEx: Ubi and Clancy produce PS2 twins

Ghost Recon, Sum of All Fears

PSEx: Midway spills its guts

Defender, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Infogrames takes us to the movies

Stuntman, Unreal triplets, Superman, Godzilla and Superman

PSEx: Sony catches our EyeToy

Use a webcam to control your PS2

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