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This is my public bio. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My public bio is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my public bio is useless. Without my public bio, I am useless.

Enlight gets medieval

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt.

New GC, GBA SP colours

But not for you. Ohhhohohoho no. You don't honestly care do you?

Rise of Power announced

Become an Emperor. With guns.

Heaven & Hell demo out

I heard Tom was omnipotent once [still am -Tom].

New Tides of War content available

We'll have anything as long as it's free.

Kojima natters about MGS3

And he don't half go on.

Metallica... game...

Goodbye cruel world, it's just not worth it any more.

Ubi demos Cube Splinter Cell

But only in NGC, and only in Woolworths.

NovaLogic announces BHD expansion

Join the War on Drugs and/or Terror.

RTX goes Gold

LucasArts' Mars-flavoured adventure on the way.

BlowOut handed over to new developer

Majesco blows out Kaos Kontrol.

Actually play de_dust.

Seriously. With paintball guns.

Earth & Beyond updated

Time of the month.

Vietnam War demo madness

Apparently it's Chinese, by golly.

WarCraft III expansion gold

About a chair made out of ice.

Colin 3 demo out

Catch him while you can!

Haven back from the dead

Xicat rescues Traveller's Tales title on Cube and Xbox.

Consoles targeted by Mafia

PS2, Xbox, GameCube versions on the way.

Enemy Territory released

It's free! FREE!

Hudson gets its remakes on

"New" GameCube titles in time for Famicom's birthday.

Ubi overhauls Rainbow on consoles

Expanded storyline, and better AI, and blah blah blah.

Official Raven Shield map released

Come and get your free content, you vultures!

Bloodmoon goes gold

Second Morrowind expansion colder than a snowman's bits.

Blizzard delays Ghost

It's probably for the best, they reckon.

Breed demo goodness

Or: Breed demo! Goodness!

Neighbours From Hell demo out, too

Take out your frustrations.

D&D Heroes now Xbox exclusive

First D&D Heroes, next your first born.

Axis & Allies clash. Yet again.

Here's a new one... a World War II RTS!

Charlie's Angels. Yep.

I was sat here trying to remember the words for that song from the film for this. Never mind.

A smidgen of Dead or Alive Online info

We think Tecmo should remake "Way of the Exploding Fist" for extra marketing fun.

Mario and Luigi team up

Oh, and Bowser too.

Squenix reveals Drakengard

Dragons and sister-rescuing and stuff.

Konami scopes Xbox

Silent Scope(s)! With lightgun support!

Ubi brings Rainbow Six 3 to Xbox

Who needs a Raven Shield when you've got an Xbox?

Nightmare Before Christmas 2004

What's this? What's this?!

Empire snags Starship Troopers licence

Would you like to know more?

Vivendi in Hit & Run

Another new Simpsons title. Odds on it being any good?

2015 are Men of (eugh) Valor

MOH:AA developer heads to Vietnam.

Take a trip to Dinotopia

TDK has a dino crisis

E3 2003: Star Wars Galaxies teaser

Ooh, check us out with our videos and things.

E3 2003: Half-Life 2 video content

You know you want it.

E3 2003: The Fall of Max Payne

It was cold. Cold like the... oh shut up.

E3 2003: Nintendo bundles Player with Cube

Play "spot the difference" with the prices. It's easy.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - 20th June

Eidos finally pulls its finger out

Raven Shield mission pack ahoy

An Athena Sword to go with your Raven Shield... arf!

Rockstar plays Manhunt

"Rumble rumble" goes the website.

Warner Bros., Ubi Soft bring Matrix online

MMM (Massively Multiplayer Matrix)

Desert Combat advances

Patch it up, soldier!

Sam & Max come out of retirement

You crack me up, li'l buddy.

Wario's Cube debut this June

Have a horrible day!

Eidos gets Whiplash

Cartoon. Zany. Platformer. Wacky.

Alias cast and crew get involved

I wonder if it's raining in LA...

E3 2003: Argonaut's line-up

Carve, Powerdrome, Bionicle...

More Buffy for your buck

Our pals at Vivendi keep on churning 'em out.

Vivendi signs Middle-Earth Online

Haven't heard from them for a while.

Wrath Unleashed unleashed

No I am not on a plane to LA right now.

Hulk demo out

Grrrrraaaghhgh etc.

Meteor Blade details

It's got fighting in it.

Myst goes social

Have you missed Myst? Hee!

PS2's EverQuest to get expansion

New items and quests and stuff.

Square considers Kingdom Hearts 2

Designer also quizzed on FFVII-2...

Sim City 4 expands

Something something in the rush hour, doo doo doo...

E3 2003: Strategy First's line-up

Frontline Command, War Times - It's a World War II-o-rama.

Europe goes PlanetSide

Survey says: Ping! May 23rd.

Mcroids announces Arthurian adventure

We don't know how to type that funny ''.

Galactic Civilizations demo

My empire is bigger than your empire.

NOLF 2 tools released

Edit your face off.

E3 2003: Majesco's line-up

Black 9, Advent Rising, plus other assorted jiggery pokery.

Konami confirms MGS3 for E3

Expose at the expo.

Toontown goes online

Boing. Crash. Kersplat. Etc

Star Fox Armada to touch down at E3

But multiplayer only for now, says someoneorother

Midway facts us in the face

Details on NARC, The Suffering, NHL Hitz Pro, SpyHunter 2, RoadKill and er, Freaky Flyers.

New Batman character debut

First time in a videogame. Woo!

New Raven Shield map

Its sort of official, but not.

Relic working on two new titles

THQ and Relic to make RTS babies.

Vivendi gets Fast and also Furious

Vroom. Whoosh. Neoww.

Samus to return at E3

Metroid. Prime. Sequel.

Microsoft gets Mythical

The MMORPG bandwagon is starting to look interesting again.