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This is my public bio. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My public bio is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my public bio is useless. Without my public bio, I am useless.

Deus Ex 2 intro released

Not-so Invisible War.

SoE starts up two new projects

Extreme Womp Rat Hunt Online.

Devastating performance

NovaLogic's Devastation patched for speed.

Hothouse and Konami sign deal

But can you guess what it is yet?

Lara goes mobile

Could quite easily be better than DoA. Sorry, AoD.

ECTS 2003: Oxygen's line-up

When line-ups attack.

New Brute Force maps

Downloadable today. Everything must go.

Sony announces PlanetSide expansion

And discusses major improvements to the service.

SCEE's Arc out in Jan 2004

Terror twilight.

Desert Combat levels up

New vehicles and map oh my!

ECTS 2003: Atari's line-up

Highlights include Driver 3 and UT2004.

Jedi Academy is gold

Your patience has paid off well, young Padawan.

Kojima to bring MGS3 to PSEx

Gawp at a big screen in a sweaty hall for fun.

Cubed Desert Storm

CDS2 dons its All Formats camo.

Ghosts Recon the PS2

In the jungle, the mighty jungle.

Activision goes to the movies

And steals actors for Call of Duty.

Secret Weapons demo

"Be" the Rocketeer for free.


Valve to hop over the pond and proffer its wares.

Play the XIII demo again

In English this time, if you like.

Conflict: Desert Storm 2 demo

"Back to Baghdad"... sheesh!

Valve gets gobby

More Source-y details.

Echelon expansion details

Two years later...

Ghost Master fixed up

Move along, nothing to see here. Apart from a tiny patch, that is.

Try WWII Online free

For seven days only! Everything must go!

Red Storm updates

Raven Shield 1.4 details. Plus: Mynarski?

New Tron demo released

May the best program win.

More HL2 video fun

Gosh and blimey. Rejoice.

Colin 04 goes Live

Online League to foster "huge competition".

Super Farm ignites

It's got fighting chickens in it.

Lionheart demo out

Tom has got the heart of a lion. Or is that appetite?

Gordon Freeman visits Traptown

Crispy, fresh videos on Steam! Yum!

Doom 3 DM on show in August

Sorry, sorry - DOOM 3.

Pop Idol party modes

Office dance mat fun for us!

Phantom unveiling delayed

But not for long.

Nintendo readies new demo disc

Playable F-Zero! Kirby! Pokémon!

Port Royale 2 in the works

Arrr. More poirahhts.

See Conan prance!

For 37 seconds.

Asheron's Call 2 worlds "consolidated"

Synergistically challenged.

Look at a Billy Hatcher ad

And feel disinterested.

THQ alters name of Sphinx game

Entire nations rejoice.

Legacy of Kain: Defiance trailer

Ve vont to suck your bandvidth.

Gordon Freeman visits Kleiner's Lab

Valve might want to get the plumbers in to fix those leaky Steam pipes [Groan -Readers].

Join the Midnight Club

There was a PC multiplayer demo out, and there was much rejoicing.

Valve's Steam gets probed

Yields quite extraordinarily good results. Plus also: new video content available.

French XIII demo available for perusal

This is like an EG News Extra or something. Tuck in, funsters.

Stalker video

Looks a bit good.

Blizzard patches WarCraft III

Absolute legions of fixes. Actually, okay, five.

Area 51 pops up on radar

New details on Midway's FPS. Lovely.

Go PlanetSide for a week for free

As long as you're lining GameSpy's pockets, that is.

Capcom defends the crown

Takes care of both PS2 and PC DotC.

Postal re-release coming up

Guess who's back. Back again.

Monolith reveals NOLF spin-off

Contract Jack, it's called.

Tecmo takes merchandising to a new low

Or high... depending on how you look at it.

Knights of the Gold Republic

Should see it around these parts... soonish?

Pokémon invade English towns

Stalking the land in enormous domes of 'fun'.

CDV goes psycho

"Mystic" FPS gets vague release date.

EA revisits the Battle of Britain

New BF1942 map on the way.

Whiptail joins the Gangland

Insert gangster movie quote here.

Joint Operations announced

Nothing to do with 'funny cigarettes', we're assured.

NovaLogic slips its sabre

Black Hawk Down expansion has to wait until spring.

Unreal 2 to get MP patch

"Lack of multiplayer is a temporary issue".

Zoo Tycoon endangered

Click, click, moo.

Konami Revolutionises Karaoke

Cue Eurogamer Michael Jackson marathons.

Full Spectrum Warrior video

So exactly how much of the Spectrum are we talking about here?

Midway whips out the classics

PS2, GC, Xbox to get more oldies.

Medal of Honor advances again

I am Jake's pilfered tank.

Rogue Spear patch patch

1.3... wait, 1.4... no wait... what?

Join the City of Heroes

Well, not actually you.

Relic patches up

Impossible Creatures, that is.

Dark Age of Camelot has Foundations

'Be' Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen.

Will Rock also patched

It was time to kick 'ass' and chew bubblegum, but he subsequently ran out of bubblegum.

Postal 2 patched

Running With Scissors shout 'Look at us! Look! We're c-c-crazy!' Probably.

Galaxies gets a release date at last

And it's not 'when it's done' either.

Raven Shield to get patched

Sometime today.

Sega's Legacy is Online

Money money money.

The voice of Solid Snake, er... speaks


Intellivision, take two

Retrogamers rejoice.

EverQuest heads for the dungeons

Yeah dungeons! And and and catacombs and magic! And stuff. Cor!

Kojima castrates MGS3

By removing possibly the most useful tool in the series.

Sony's Hungry Ghosts surface

First in a line of Hungry games also to include Hungry Hungry Hippos. Not really.

BF42 reaches 1.4

Get your file on!

Acclaim gets cosy with DC

Another comic book adaptation on the way.

Mindscape announces Painkiller date

Been chomping at the bit, have you?