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Bryn Williams


Panzer General: Allied Assault

Rock, paper, landmine.

Good hardcore tactical strategy games are difficult to find these days, but one of the best-known series of the last 15 years is SSI's Panzer General, which went on to spawn no less than six sequels, and now it's time for Xbox 360 gamers to get a taste of allies versus axis glory in Petroglyph's new Xbox Live Arcade title, Panzer General: Allied Assault.

Lode Runner


25 years ago, a chap by the name of Douglas E. Smith served up a digital dish that would end up being widely recognised as the very first thinking man's puzzle game. In the years that followed, Smith's Lode Runner has been tweaked, re-tweaked and ported to over 20 different platforms, the latest being Xbox Live Arcade for Lode Runner: 25th Anniversary.