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Will ‘Velvet Owl’ Porter is a roaming freelance writer who most recently worked with The Creative Assembly on Alien: Isolation. You can find out how cold/hungry he is by following @Batsphinx on Twitter.

FeatureChet and Erik's stolen zombie game

From the archive: Long before Left 4 Dead, the Valve pair were making a very different zombie game.

FeatureSWAT 4 retrospective

It's a fair cop.

FeatureFar Cry retrospective

We liked them apples.

FeatureThe cult of TotalBiscuit

The life and times of professional YouTube malcontent John Bain.

FeatureFreedom Fighters retrospective

Keep the red flag flying.

FeatureAn audience with Syndicate

How a regular northern teen became a YouTube gaming sensation.

FeatureRevisiting Black Mesa

Is the long-awaited Half-Life mod a remasterpiece?

FeatureThe Cunning Stunts of Stainless

The Carmageddon story: from controversy to Kickstarter, via Portia the Pig.

FeatureGrowing Paynes: How Remedy's Hero Went Rockstar in Max Payne 3

From a NY noir to the liver of a French goose.

FeatureSimCity Preview: A Classic Returns

Things'll be great when you're down town…

FeatureFar Cry 3 Preview: Trouble in Paradise

Does Far Cry's multiplayer sink or swim?

FeatureCivilization 5: Gods and Kings Preview: Restoring the Faith

Firaxis' expansion reintroduces some of the series' complexity.

FeatureMass Effect 3 Preview: The Good Shepard?

BioWare sets the galaxy on fire.

FeatureSyndicate Preview: Need a Reboot?

Starbreeze's game concerns and delights in equal measure.

FeatureRetrospective: Max Payne 2

Let the bodies hit the floor. (Sometimes the ceiling).

FeatureAssessing COD Elite

New maps begin to drop. Do they justify the Premium?

FeatureChampion Jockey

Just let your feet go clippety-clop.

FeatureRetro: The Good Old Naughty Days

Putting the seedy into CD-Rom.


Bird of play.

FeatureDeus Ex: Human Revolution

Ten hours played. Your questions answered.

FeatureDeus Ex: Human Revolution

Gunpowder, reason and plot.

FeatureCrysis 2

Suited and booted.

FeatureRetrospective: The Acorn Archimedes

Yes, it had games on it. Shut up.

FeatureWhy I Love… Doom III

Happiness is a warm gun.

FeatureRetrospective: All hail the BBC Micro

Do pay attention. This is very BASIC.

FeatureIn the shadow of Black Ops

What hope for Breach and the downloadable shooter?

Indie at the Expo

Highlights from the Eurogamer Expo's Indie Games Arcade.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Multiplayer unmasked.

Sid Meier's Civilization V

Hex and the city state.


A dose of the claps?

FeatureRetrospective: Painkiller

Before the Bulletstorm.

FeatureRetrospective: Deus Ex

Ghost of the machine.

FeatureDeus Ex: Human Revolution

The Revolution will not go unscrutinised.

FeatureDeus Ex: Fan Service

Fact after fact straight from the cyber-horse's augmented mouth.

GDC Indie Roundup

Monaco, Closure, Trauma, Shank and Vessel.

Need for Speed World

Warning: following content is NFSW.


Get the lowdown.

Dead to Rights: Retribution

Canine out of ten?

The Saboteur

Resistance is fertile.

Army of Two: The 40th Day

Shanghai fights.


Do the Smarties have the answer?

FeatureRetrospective: Star Wars: Republic Commando

The Empire Strikes Back Catalogue.

FeatureRetrospective: Discworld

Did you get the number of that donkey cart?

FeatureRetrospective: Shadow Warrior

Eurogamer sends its regards, Lo Wang.

Darksiders: Wrath of War

Armageddon excited?

Order of War

Probably: "Shoot those men!"


Three become one.