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Darkfall Online

Dark days.

Darkfall Online has subsequently been re-reviewed. You can find that feature elsewhere on the site.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

There's too much panic in this town.

It's very hard to build the momentum of a storyline within an MMO these days, mostly because it's very hard to convince several thousand people to follow a straight line, let alone a cogent narrative. The Lord of the Rings Online solved this with solo instances and an almost unavoidable series of quests, and first expansion Mines of Moria continues this trend, insisting you follow the intricate narratives of Turbine's Tolkien interpretation.

The Lord of the Rings Online: The Mines of Moria

What's Mines is Mines... what's yours is an exclusive item giveaway.

Due to popular demand, we have 5,000 more exclusive in-game items for Lord of the Rings Online to give away. Head over to Eurogamers to claim your Hauberk of the Mithril Guard, for use on European servers, and then read on for our impressions of the beta test of the Mines of Moria, first expansion of the Tolkein MMO.