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Jon Blyth


Log wrote about video games in most of the magazines for eight years. He left to run a pub in Nottingham in July, which upset everyone so much that GamerGate happened. He's very sorry.

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Feature | Jon Blyth on: Pubs vs video games

"'Another hoppy IPA!?' is this industry's 'Oh, they've put in a horde mode.'"

Feature | Jon Blyth on: Microsoft Jackpot

And a bit about Noel Edmonds.

Feature | Jon Blyth on: Clicker Heroes

"I've never felt less alive."

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How to make the critical darling a proper, unmitigated game.

Feature | Jon Blyth on: The National Videogame Arcade

May contain a hand-drawn map of Dungeon Master.

Feature | Jon Blyth on: Fixing Far Cry 4

"Time is like location, but for watches."

Feature | Jon Blyth on: Barks

Our new columnist tackles fresh ways to say, "GRENADE!"

Review | Eufloria

Sow and sow.

Review | Dragonica

It does drag on.

Feature | E3: Final Fantasy XIV Online

The next next Final Fantasy, which might come to Xbox 360 after all.

Future WiiWare Games: Top Ten

Log goes to Frankfurt and waggles himself silly.

Feature | Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batting for the right team.

Section 8

Burning in the multiplayer.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

It's rude to Point Man.

Feature | Ryzom

Five hours as a stranger in a strange land.

Empire: Total War

18th Century Boy.

Halo Wars

Halo dolly.

Review | Peggle Nights

Saturday night fever.

Review | World of Goo

All your squishes granted.