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Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief.

Video | Video: One of Assassin's Creed Unity's time rift levels

See Paris in another era. Warning: spoilers!

Video | Video: Shadow of Mordor live stream

Join Ian's Fellowship from 5pm and win a PS4 copy of the game.

Video | Video: What if Sniper Elite 3 was on HBO?

The following trailer may not be suitable.

Video | Video: Surviving Sniper Elite 3 co-op

Ian teams up with Jane from Outside Xbox.

Video | Video: Dr Ian Higtonborough presents... The animals of Far Cry 4

Our renowned zoologist journeys to Kyrat in search of wildlife.

Video | Video: Sniper Elite 3 live stream

Scoping out Rebellion's latest from 5pm BST.

Video | Video: The Last of Us PS3 vs PS4 trailer comparison

We haven't seen much in-game yet, but those 1080p cut-scenes look nice.

Video | Video: Games stuck in development hell

Outside Xbox refuses to let go.

Video | Video: Gaming's best and worst alternative histories

The new Wolfenstein follows in all sorts of footsteps.

Video | Video: Mario Kart 8 live stream

60 minutes of gameplay, collector's edition giveaway. Starts 5pm BST.

Video | Video: Watch Watch Dogs, dogs

We are live-streaming three times today. Woof.

Video | Video: Titanfall Xbox 360 live stream

Stomp around with us from 5pm BST or watch the replay.

Video | Video: Creative Assembly on creating a faithful Alien game

"We needed to create new stuff that felt completely true to the original."

Video | Video: Let's Play Surgeon Simulator on iPad

An eye transplant? Sure, that'll end well.

Video | Outside Xbox returns to Rapture

Plus: AC Unity wishlist and baffling achievements.

Video | Video: inFamous: Second Son live stream

Two hours of superheroic streaming from 4pm GMT.

Video | Video: Kinect Sports Rivals preview

Can Rare's latest game win over the Kinectophobes?

Video | Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes live stream today

Watch us play (and complete!) the game live from 5pm GMT.

Video | Titanfall live stream today at 5pm GMT

We're also giving away weekend passes for EGX Rezzed.

Video | Video: Let's Play DayZ: Bromance turns to tragedy

Ian joins forces with James from Outside Xbox.

Video | Video: Let's Play Rust: Making friends and bludgeoning wildlife

Confusion reigns as Ian role-plays an eccentric monk.

Video | Christmas live streams and free games all day!

Indie games, Minecraft challenges and Saints Row 4 DLC, live from 3pm GMT, complete with fabulous prizes.

Video | Eurogamer.net Podcast Christmas Quiz 2013!

Two teams of idiots answer game-related questions to win next-gen prizes! Happy Christmas!

Video | Happy birthday to Doom, happy birthday to Doom

20 years young! We're streaming it live from 5pm GMT.

Video | Video: Xbox One's Game DVR is great for video snapshots

Although perhaps not for more elaborate captures.

Video | Xbox One Launch Special

It's Xbox One launch week and we've assembled a team that's been playing it to tell you what we think.

Video | PlayStation 4 Special

Bertie and the gang share their impressions of PS4 and the launch line-up.

Video | Aroooo! Check out our Call of Duty live streams

We're playing Ghosts online on PS3 from 3pm and Xbox 360 from 5pm GMT.

EGX | Live: Eurogamer Expo developer sessions

Coming up on Sunday: Peter Molyneux, Thief, Ouya, Wasteland Kings and a live Eurogamer podcast.

Video | Let's Play Grand Theft Auto 5

Spoiler-free tours of Los Santos by ground and air.

Video | Live screaming: watch us play Outlast at 5pm BST

Red Barrels' horror game out on PC today, PS4 soon.

Video | Crew cuts: Julian Garrity talks open-world racing

Video interview with Ivory Tower's creative director.

Video | Eurogamer vs. Spelunky Daily Challenge

LAST DAY: A special video tribute and death compilation.

Video | Submerge yourself in Assassin's Creed 4's underwater gameplay

New details on hiding from sharks and gameplay footage.

Video | Let's Play Splinter Cell Blacklist

See how the systems work and watch us lob a dog through a window.

Video | Let's Play Spelunky PC

20 minutes with the new PC version, due out Thursday.

Video | Ouya live stream from 5pm BST

See what games look like on the new Android micro-console.

Video | Gran Turismo 6 spoilercast

Martin and Mike salivate over the new GT Academy 2013 demo. Weirdoes.

EGX | Rezzed developer sessions

Watch all this weekend's presentations! Rome 2, DayZ Standalone, WildStar, Project Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters and many more.

Video | Terraria XBLA live stream from 5pm GMT

Ian keeps digging. Join him for a slightly "less noobish" look at Re-Logic's game, released today.

Video | Call of Duty: eSport of the future?

We sent Ian to the European COD Championship finals to see what all the fuss is about.

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