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Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief.

Review | Dino Crisis 2

Review - Dino-bashing action from the house of Resident Evil, a sequel to be reckoned with

Review | Driver 2

Review - one of the best driving games ever receives an overhaul, but unfortunately not for the better

Review | Blair Witch Volume 2 : The Legend of Coffin Rock

Review - the first episode proved impressive, how will the second fare?

Review | 4x4 Evolution

Review - we take this offroad racing spectacular for a spin, quite literally

Review | Uno!

Review - we investigate a card-carrying GameBoy

Review | Street Fighter Alpha 3

Review - as if one Capcom beat-em-up wasn't enough this week, here we have another!

Review | Alien : Resurrection

Review - do you like to be scared? We thought we did, but this is just ridiculous

Review | Pro Pool

Review - pocket pool courtesy of Codemasters. A great game for passing time

Review | Dead or Alive 2

Review - a beat-em-up to rival Soul Calibur? Surely not..

Review | AMD Duron

Review - if you're thinking of buying a budget system this Christmas, perhaps you should give the Celerons a miss and check this out..

Review | Cultures

Review - a God sim where you control a group of Vikings, beer and all

Review | Spider-Man

Review - we take a look at Activision's long-awaited PlayStation action-adventure!

Review | Star Trek Voyager : Elite Force

Review - a Star Trek first person shooter that takes no prisoners

Review | ASUS A7V Socket A motherboard

Review - could this be the perfect home for your shiny new Athlon processor?

Review | Midtown Madness 2

Review - as huge fans of the original Midtown titles, we approached this one with all the journalistic impartiality of a group of schoolboys being offered free chips, and just look where it's gotten us..

Review | Blair Witch Volume 1 : Rustin Parr

Review - this weekend we investigate a PC title with a difference, the first in a series of games based on the Blair Witch mythos..

Review | Fur Fighters

Review - taking your frustrations out on furry critters as they hop around a luscious cartoony world. Sounds like a Tweenies fantasy, I agree, but the subject of today's review really does want you to do this!

Review | Logitech MouseMan Wheel

Review - we take on Logitech's latest creation, an optical mouse to try and go against Microsoft's market supremacy in this area. Find out how it does in today's review

Review | X-Men : Mutant Academy

Review - We put Activision's handheld X-Men beat-em-up through its paces in today's pocket review

Review | Land Maker

Should Japanese puzzle games be translated with such vigour these days? Not every game's a Tetris or a Puyo Puyo, and sadly Land Maker is a cautionary tale to this effect.

Review | AMD Athlon "Thunderbird"

This weekend we take a look at the pinnacle of processing excellence, the new AMD Athlon "Thunderbird". A CPU for the next generation of gamers perhaps?

Review | Croc

Just in time for the weekend we investigate the pocket-isation of THQ's classic platform pal, Croc.

Review | Walt Disney World Quest : Magical Racing Tour

We take a look at the Dreamcast version of the kids' racing title from Disney. It's a Mario Kart wannabe, but how bad does it want it?

Review | Grand Prix 3

We take a look at Geoff Crammond's eventual update to the once seminal now classic Grand Prix series. Is it really as good as they want you to think? Nope, it's better.

Review | Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 MX

Cheap fast graphics card reviewed

Review | Turf Masters

Golf title reviewed

Review | MDK2

Third person action-adventure reviewed

Review | Daikatana

John Romero's overdue FPS reviewed

Review | Euro 2000

Soccer game reviewed

Review | Guilty Gear

2D beat-em-up reviewed

Review | Ratpad vs Everglide : Battle of the Pads

Precision mousing surfaces reviewed

Review | Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles

Uber lightsaber battling title

Review | Flying Heroes

Fantasy flight combat game reviewed

Review | Ultima IX : Ascension

Bug-ridden RPG reviewed

Review | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Carnival beat-em-up reviewed

Review | Army Men

Toy soldier RTS reviewed

Review | Joytech Controller Plus

Third-party controller reviewed

Review | Railroad Tycoon 2

Playing with train sets?

Review | Re-Volt

R/C racing title reviewed

Review | Slave Zero

City-trawling mech game reviewed

Review | Rayman 2

Innovative platformer reviewed

Review | Rollcage Stage II

High octane racing game reviewed

Review | Final Fantasy VIII

Epic Japanese RPG reviewed

Review | Nocturne

Horror shooter reviewed

Review | NBA Basketball 2000

Fox's new basketball game reviewed

Review | NHL Championship 2000

Ice hockey game reviewed

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