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Tom Bramwell


Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief.

FeatureState of Emergency

Preview - a game about destroying things senselessly, on PlayStation 2


Article - we take a look at Creative and Videologic surround sound speaker sets and decide that both offer a similar amount of bang per buck

FeatureSmuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory

Preview - the illicit and treacherous world of smuggling on the road, revisited


Article - Microsoft's Xbox met with a chilly reception at E3 a fortnight ago, but why?

FeatureGrand Theft Auto 3

Preview - GTA is back, and it sounds as though every flavour of carnage will be catered for

FeatureIndependence War 2: The Edge of Chaos

Preview - intergalactic space piracy, an impressive extension of an excellent space sim?


Article - budget graphics cards face off head to head, but who will survive?

FeatureE3 2001 - UbiSoft console

Preview - after a big round-up of PC titles, we fix our attention on UbiSoft's console endeavours

FeatureE3 2001 - Dreamcast

Preview - did Sega give up on Dreamcast? Nah, there's life in the old dog yet!

FeatureTony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Preview - the GameBoy Advance welcomes another killer app, this time one of the most addictive skating games ever

FeatureCan SMP work for Gamers?

Article - Mugwum investigates Symmetric Multiprocessing and whether it holds any surprises for the well-endowed gamer

FeatureBreath of Fire Advance

Preview - classic 16-bit RPG action on its way to GameBoy Advance

FeatureCPL Holland Counter-Strike Qualifier

Article - Mugwum wandered down to The Playing Fields yesterday to watch some of the UK's top CS clans duke it out

FeatureGT Advance Championship Racing

Preview - Gran Turismo-style racing on the GameBoy Advance courtesy of MTO

FeatureConflict Zone

Preview - Mugwum takes a hands-on look at a very promising RTS title from Ubi Soft

FeaturePerformance Memory Showdown

Article - Mugwum pitches Crucial and Mushkin memory head to head and evaluates the need for faster system memory on the whole

FeatureApril's Marching Motherboards

Article - Four of the finest examples of the KT133A Athlon motherboard chipset, put head to head


Preview - a sprawling underwater adventure that looks and feels second to none?


Preview - a visual tour de force from Grin, and one of the GeForce 3's stunning openers

FeaturePanzer Front

Preview - get tanked up on the PlayStation with Enterbrain and JVC

FeatureMike Merren of Crawfish

Interview - the GameBoy Advance is a pressing issue for gamers everywhere, and Crawfish are going to be a big name when the system is at everybody's fingertips

FeaturePower Diggerz

Preview - JVC take a wacky Japanese concept title and convert it to the West - could be a surprise hit for the PSOne!

FeatureConflict Zone

Preview - revolutionary real-time strategy, where the media controls your motives!

FeatureWindows 2000 for Gamers Revisited

Article - we take an informal look at Windows 2000, nearly a year after its release, and look at whether its situation has improved, or not


Preview - our first look at (hopefully) early code from RatBag's 4x4 stadium racing game

FeatureGeForce 3

Preview - nVidia's latest graphical breakthrough, under the microscope

FeatureThe Liquid PC

Article - the do's and don't's about using water to cool your PC

Feature4x4 Evolution

Preview - excellent off-road racer comes to PlayStation 2

FeatureBroadband Consoles - A Pipe Dream?

Article - everyone is expecting the next-generation of consoles to rely on the Internet, but have they really thought this through?

FeatureGigawing 2

Preview - Capcom's obscure vertical shoot 'em up returns, and it looks... incredible

FeatureFighting Vipers II

Preview - a legendary AM2 fighter receives a makeover

FeatureThe Sounds of Silence

Article - all you need to keep your PC quiet

FeatureKAO The Kangaroo

Preview - ever wondered what to feed the kids?


Article - the Action Replay 2 finally hits the PlayStation 2 - find out all about it inside

FeatureGuilty Gear X

Preview - takes the two dimensional beat 'em up to another level, if you'll forgive the pun. Shows Capcom who's boss

FeatureKT133A: Performance for Less

Article - a cost-effective hardware upgrade for AMD buyers? Surely not

FeatureSonic Adventure 2

Preview - we have played it, we have exclusive screenshots, we have all the info

FeatureThinking About The Box

Article - with the Xbox finally unveiled, we take a look at just what the new console has to offer

FeatureChristmas Upgrades Part 2

Article - so we've beefed up your PC enough to throw more than 100 frames per second at everything - but what about the rest of your PC?

FeatureMDK2 Armageddon

Preview - a souped-up version of the PC extravaganza makes its way onto the next generation's shores

FeatureChristmas Upgrades Part 1

Article - in part one of our buyer's guide for the festive season, we look at CPUs and graphics cards; what to buy, where to buy and how to install them


Preview - we have a look at the PS2 incarnation of Take2's beat-em-up come action game

FeatureThe Morning After

Article - got PS2? We have...

FeatureThe Second Coming

Article - we cut through the uproar surrounding the PlayStation 2's launch in Europe and bring you the facts

FeatureColin McRae Rally 2.0

Preview - a fan of Rally motorsport? This is what you've been waiting for

FeatureADSL for gamers

Article - unravelling the confusion behind ADSL for gamers in the UK

FeatureSocket A Overclocking

Article - gotten yourself one of those shiny new Athlons? Here's how to get the most out of it!

FeatureBrand new?

Article - the Xbox is going to be one of the biggest releases of next year, but what of the name "Xbox".. is it really the brand Microsoft needs to topple the console giants?

FeatureStupid Invaders

Preview - the point-and-click genre hasn't looked this good since Grim Fandango, and it's never been this risque!

FeatureMidtown Madness 2

Preview - we take a beta version of Microsoft's urban racing game for a spin

FeatureObi-Wan's Adventures

The GameBoy has long needed a new adventure title that doesn't rely on a side-scrolling 2D platform style, and perhaps this could be it..


We take a look at Bungie's third person anime action thriller for PC, Macintosh and PlayStation 2!

Featurei5 coverage

i5 LAN party coverage from Newbury

FeatureNoddy's Guide To Home Networking

How to build a LAN in your own home


Bizarre action game previewed

Feature4x4 Evolution

Off-road racing game previewed

FeatureWindows '98 vs Windows 2000

Win2k and Win98 compared

FeatureThe bleem! Team

The bleem! creators, interviewed

FeatureX-Men:Mutant Academy

Back to school, muties!

FeatureThe Getaway

Ferocious crime-based mayhem

FeatureE3 Coverage 2000

Our coverage of the World's Number 1 gaming expo!

FeatureInternational Cricket Captain 2000

Bats and balls management previewed


Futuristic convict-a-thon previewed


Visually impressive RPG previewed

FeatureX-Boxed In?

Has Microsoft shot itself in the foot so early in the day?

FeatureSony's Bombshell

Reignition for SCEI

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