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Tom Bramwell


Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief.

Editor's blog: I'm leaving Eurogamer later this year

Fortunately I found someone else to edit the site. Come say hello.

Editor's blog: I am sexist

Let's talk about how, why and what I'm doing about it.

Eurogamer readership survey 2014

Tell us about yourself and what you'd like to see on the site.

Trials Fusion PC beta key giveaway

Sign up and we'll randomly distribute keys on Thursday.

Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

Now that's what I call an instant game collection.

Editor's blog: New mobile site, guide content and more

We're also welcoming a new staffer. Come say hi!

Editor's blog: Festive greetings from the Eurogamer team

Along with our content plans for the Christmas period.

Editor's blog: Important note for Eurogamer account holders

A site bug has led to a breach of data security for a limited number of users.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta key giveaway

UPDATE: The competition is now closed! Winners to be notified directly.

Editor's blog: A personal update

I've been meaning to mention...

Family Gamer talks to the makers of That Dragon, Cancer

Also from Gamer Network: F1 2013 dev chat and The Bureau opening.

EGXEurogamer Expo Indie Games Arcade submissions closing soon!

Best fling your game at our show as quickly as possible.

Watch us play Deadpool live at 5pm BST

Ian is the Merc with a Mouth. So's Deadpool.

EGXRezzed developer sessions to be streamed online

Watch PC and indie panels, live demos and developer talks all through this weekend.

EGXPlay Surgeon Simulator 2013 with Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra at Rezzed

Patch to add support for peripherals due out soon.

EGXFull Rezzed developer session schedule includes DayZ Standalone, Hotline Miami 2

Plus panels with top developers, hosted by RPS. Full schedule for next weekend's PC event now online.

EGXTake part in Creative Assembly Game Jam at Rezzed and win fabulous prizes

UPDATE: If you want to get involved but haven't got a team, put your name forward and we'll buddy you up on the day.

EGXSplinter Cell, Mighty Quest and more Ubisoft titles playable at Rezzed

Tickets still on sale for 22nd/23rd June show.

EGXRezzed 2013 Leftfield Collection line-up unveiled

Gone Home! Gun Monkeys! Reus! Ether One! And many more.

EGXRome 2: Total War live code demo confirmed in Rezzed developer sessions schedule

Plus timings for Project Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters, Frozen Endzone and more.

EGXWorking on an indie game? Want to exhibit free at Rezzed? The Leftfield Collection is now accepting submissions

Follow in the footsteps of 2012 stars including Gateways, Guacamelee and Proteus.

Bank holiday update plans!

We'll be taking a rest, same as you, but we've stocked up on things to keep you busy.

EGXTickets for Rezzed 2013 on sale now

June 22/23 at the NEC. Developer sessions from Project Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters and more.

EGXTickets for Eurogamer Expo 2013 on sale now

Early Bird discounts available. Plus: Virgin Media now sponsoring all our events.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry seeking freelance contributors

For face-offs, tech analysis, hardware reviews and bespoke features.

Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012: Thank You!

A summary of your feedback and stuff about the year ahead.

Eurogamer Christmas update plans

It's not the end of the world.

Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012

Last chance to add your views about the site design, editorial and what kind of gamer you are to this year's survey. Thanks!

Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

We have updated our "How We Work" page. Check it out.

EGXWatch Creative Assembly's session about making Rome 2 from the EG Expo

Series lead designer James Russell talks history, authenticity and exposed bottoms.

EGXHighlights of competition-level Tekken at this year's Eurogamer Expo

Journalist Julia Hardy rounds up tactics and advice and takes part in her first live tournament.

Eurogamer community night next week in London

UPDATE: As well as FIFA 13 and Mario Kart 64, we also have F1 2012 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

Blowing Off Some Enthusiasm: Fun Times in Counter-Strike and Spelunky

Some happy Friday rambling about stuff in video games. No harm done.

Proteus vs. Photorealism

Tom's weird morning adventure.

Ellie Gibson returns to Eurogamer, Oli Welsh becomes Deputy Editor

Does this mean I have to order them new business cards?

EGXMmm! This PC and indie games show is nearly ready!

All the key details about Rezzed, which takes place Friday and Saturday. Plus: set-up photos.

Changes to App of the Day

Six months later, what's the verdict?

Say hello to Eurogamer's new US News Editor!

Fred Dutton leaving to pursue pop career.

Ubisoft's E3 2012 Conference

All the stories. New IP Watch Dogs takes the plaudits.

EA's E3 2012 Conference

All the stories. Need for Speed Most Wanted steals the show.

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TrackMania 2 Canyon One-Month-Free Code Giveaway

BUMP! Codes still available for a month with the full game.

Bank Holiday weekend update plans

Cameras! Cel-shading! Arm-waving! Tablets! It's a chocolate miracle.

Eurogamer Modern Warfare 3 DLC community nights

Shoot us in the face on Xbox Live.

GamesIndustry International launches

New home of our sister sites GamesIndustry.biz and IndustryGamers.com.

Introducing App of the Day

The best and most interesting games on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Eurogamer Reader Survey: Thank You!

Your comments were awesome. Here's what we're doing about them.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We'll be updating between now and the New Year. Check inside for details.

Eurogamer says goodbye to Wingo

Now hiring for new Ad Trafficker.

Meet Eurogamer's new Features Editor!

Say hello to Martin Robinson.

Another sodding bank holiday

We've done loads of content though.

Eurogamer bank holiday updates!

Portal 2 face-off! RAGE! Jacko! Wrestling!

Reader Review of the Month

Spy on the wall.

Eurogamer Expo tickets on sale

Early bird discounts!

Eurogamer featured on Pulse

Check us out on mobile/tablet app.

Eurogamer seeks Features Editor

For blistering editorial romance.

Nintendo 3DS competition winners

The people we're sending to Amsterdam.

Reader Review of the Month

Brave new year.

Ed's blog: Christmas is cancelled

Our "holiday" content schedule.

Boom! The Eurogamer Quiz!

Prove your gaming credentials in our Facebook app, designed by Relentless Software!

Eurogamer wins Games Media Award

Plus a beautiful goodbye to PC Zone.

Bank Holiday update schedule!

Digital Foundry! Retro! Zombies!

Eurogamer appoints News Editor

Say hello to Wesley!

Free ad-supported EG iPhone app!

We want to be in your pocket.

Eurogamer partners with zavvi.com

Win five games announced at E3.

Eurogamer bank holiday plans!

Adventure! Excitement! Cars! Tombs!

Eurogamer expands into Sweden

Eurogamer.se? Okej!

Bank Holiday weekend plans!

Halo! Blur! UFC! POP! Retro! Etc!

Eurogamer launches Videos channel

Daily captured gameplay footage, new player technology, dedicated destination.

Capcom goes round EG reader's house

Brings SSFIV in a truck. Photos inside.

EG launches dedicated kids site

Parents! Feedback much appreciated.

Eurogamer iPhone app v3 live!

Full changelog and shots within.

Editor's blog: Not The Top 50

Happy New Christmas.

Eurogamer iPhone app launches!

Ad-free text and video content.

EG Expo 2009 aftermath interview

How did it go, and where from here?

Quantic Dream and Valve live text on Sat

Expo sessions on the website tomorrow.

Black Rock shows Split/Second Docks

Nick Baynes demos fancy racer at Expo.

Eurogamer Expo hits London!

Plus: Tickets on the door from 1pm.


The Expo kicks off on Tuesday in Leeds. Here's what to expect this year.

Ed blog: Pat Garratt wins the internet!

VG247 dominates Games Media Awards.

Sony TGS announcements roundup

They've been busy!

Eurogamer Readers' Lifetime Top 50

You make it look so easy!

Editor's blog: Woman of Conviction

Andréane Meunier explains the decision to rebuild the new Splinter Cell.

Editor's blog: R.U.S.E. interview

Mathieu Girard calls our bluff.

Editor's blog: Develop Conference

Game devs sounding off all week.

Editor's blog: Eurogamer at E3

Conf timings, coverage plans, hints.

Ed blog: BioShock 2 MP three-way!

The full interview transcript.

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