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Halo review

Eurogamer was 15 years old this week! Here's one of our most famous reviews.

King of Dragon Pass

Review - epic turn-based strategy of the beard-scratching kind


Review - the mob's answer to Grand Theft Auto falls flat on its face


Review - devious puzzle game arrives on the GameBoy Advance

Project Earth

Review - Lemon's space strategy game faces Starmageddon at the hands of Gestalt

Neverwinter Nights

Review - we dig through the hype to find out if Bioware's latest effort is worth your hard earned Euros

V-Rally 3

Review - so close, and yet so far

Duke Nukem : Manhattan Project

Review - Duke goes back to his side-scrolling days, but is this a nostalgia trip worth taking?

James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire

Review - EA's latest Bond adventure comes under fire on the Xbox

Cultures 2 : Gates Of Asgard

Review - build your own Viking village

Medal Of Honor: Frontline

Review - Medal of Honor goes back to its console roots, and what a homecoming it is!

Soldier Of Fortune II : Double Helix

Review - Raven's gory shooter sequel is a game of two halves

Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Review - a flawed but addictive role-playing epic on a grand scale

Kessen II

Review - an epic strategy game, oriental style

Grand Theft Auto 3

Review - Grand Theft Auto comes home to the PC; can it steal our hearts (and wallets) again?

Heroes Of Might & Magic IV

Review - two steps forwards, one step back for the turn-based strategy series


Review - the world's first hacking sim?

Broken Sword : Shadow Of The Templars

Review - classic PC adventure game comes to the GameBoy Advance

Dungeon Siege

Review - Chris Taylor's much-hyped dungeon crawler gets the once over

Mad Maestro

Review - the oddest game we've seen all year, and also one of the most entertaining

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Review - Star Wars universe + Quake 3 engine = a winning formula?

Simpsons Road Rage

Review - Homer and friends go all Crazy Taxi on us

Rallisport Challenge

Review - the Xbox's best kept secret comes under the spotlight

Max Payne

Review - Max Payne and Xbox - a match made in heaven, or a hellish combination?

Rock Manager

Review - take control of a rock band and bribe your way to the top in this tongue-in-cheek music industry sim

Oddworld : Munch's Oddysee

Review - Abe's back, and he's brought a new friend with him for this 3D platform sequel

Command & Conquer : Renegade

Review - Westwood's attempt at making a first person shooter sends us to the land of NOD

Medal Of Honor : Allied Assault

Review - can EA's World War Two shooter live up to the hype?

Gorasul : Legacy Of The Dragon

Review - You think this is a review? A review of a role-playing game? A review written by Gestalt? Um .. you're right, actually.


Review - Heroes of Might & Magic meets Magic : The Gathering in this turn-based strategy game

Shadow of Zorro

Review - another deeply flawed action-adventure game from Cryo and In Utero

Serious Sam : Second Encounter

Review - Sam is back, and this time he's got a chainsaw - "look ma, I'm a lumberjack!"

Frank Herbert's Dune

Review - Cryo return to Arrakis for their latest action-adventure game

Ecks V Sever

Review - another first person shooter comes to the GameBoy Advance

Trade Empires

Review - make trade not war in this deeply addictive historical strategy game

Comanche 4

Review - a helicopter flight combat game for first person shooter fans

Devil May Cry

Review - Gestalt gets stuck into Shinji Mikami's stylish new PlayStation 2 actioneer


Review - id's classic first person shooter comes to the GameBoy Advance

Age of Empires II : The Age Of Kings

Review - Microsoft's real-time strategy classic comes to the PlayStation 2

Magic & Mayhem : The Art Of Magic

Review - another attempt to fuse role-playing and real-time strategy elements comes under the spotlight

Codename Outbreak

Review - Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Rainbow Six in this sci-fi shooter


Review - a medieval castle building sim, complete with boiling oil .. so what's the catch?


Review - we take a look at the fastest racing game on the planet

Kohan : Immortal Sovereigns

Review - a role-playing / real-time strategy hybrid with a difference

Bomberman Tournament

Review - another classic action game comes to the GameBoy Advance

Conquest : Frontier Wars

Review - the real-time strategy genre takes on the final frontier


Review - an epic console-style role-playing game on the PC, but what's the catch?

LEGO Racers 2

Review - Gestalt relives his childhood with this plastic-themed high octane racing game

From Dusk Till Dawn

Review - can Gamesquad get it right this time, or is this destined to be another flawed gem like Devil Inside?

Zax : The Alien Hunter

Review - a good old fashioned isometric action-adventure game

The Sting!

Review - can this oddball burglary sim make crime pay?

Microsoft Train Simulator

Review - EuroGamer's thin controller investigates this bizarre new train driving "game"

Hot Potato!

Review - another bizarre puzzle game for the GameBoy Advance, this time starring brightly coloured spuds

Army Men Advance

Review - the little green soldiers return for another roasting


Review - EuroGamer heads for the final frontier to probe Mucky Foot's bizarre space station sim

Commander Keen

Review - the Earth is in trouble, this looks like a job for our Editor-in-Chief!

Z : Steel Soldiers

Review - should Z have been left to rust in peace, or will the sequel bring something new to the real-time strategy genre?

Operation Flashpoint

Review - Gestalt drops behind enemy lines to investigate Bohemia's impressive Cold War combat game

Conflict Zone

Review - EuroGamer sends in the peacekeepers to deal with this unusual 3D strategy game

The Moon Project

Review - EuroGamer flies you to the moon for a look at this semi-sequel to 3D strategy game Earth 2150

Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria

Review - how to save the world using a giant hallucinogenic mushroom


Review - rule your own tropical island in PopTop's amusing Caribbean dictator sim

Black & White

Review - and the "Disappointment of the Year" award goes to...

Cossacks : European Wars

Review - CDV brings us historical real-time strategy on an epic scale

Hired Team Trial Gold

Review - From Russia With Love? Please return to sender...

Space Tripper

Review - an arcade shooter for the new millenium?

Evil Islands : Curse of the Lost Soul

Review - the Russian developed 3D role-playing game finally reaches the west - was it worth the wait?

Star Wars : Battle For Naboo

Review - a worthy successor to Rogue Squadron, or just another Phantom Menace cash-in?

Hostile Waters

Review - can the gameplay match the graphics in Rage's new action-strategy game?

Serious Sam : First Encounter

Review - Gestalt gets serious with the anarchic new first person shooter from Croatia

Kingdom Under Fire

Review - we take a look at the role-playing / real-time strategy hybrid from Korea

Severance : Blade of Darkness

Review - Gestalt cleans the blood off his monitor to bring you a full review of Rebel Act's gore-ridden fantasy action game

Perfect Blue

Review - a surreal pyschological thriller which proves that anime isn't just about naked chicks, big robots and tentacled demons

Quake III : Team Arena

Review - can id put the teamplay back into Quake?

Everglide Mouse Bungee

Review - we investigate Everglide's latest bizarre mouse-related doohickey


Review - we take a look at the spectacular Oscar-winning war movie starring Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman

The Insider

Review - Russell Crowe stars in a gripping film that's about as far from "Gladiator" as you can get


Review - One Man And His Dog meets Lemmings in one of the most unusual games of last year

Galaxy Quest

Review - Dreamworks set their phasers to pun in one of 1999's funniest movies

The Last Temptation Of Christ

Review - EuroGamer gets into the Christmas spirit with a look at Martin Scorsese's controversial biopic of the man himself

Heroes Chronicles : Volumes 1-4

Review - episodic gaming meets turn-based strategy in the latest installment in the long-running "Heroes of Might & Magic" series

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Review - we examine Miss Croft's assets to determine if her latest adventure is anything to get excited about...


Review - we follow French director Luc Besson into the surreal and stylish world of the Paris Metro

Mat-Trix mouse mats

Review - EuroGamer turns on, tunes in and trips out, with psychedelic mouse mats from British company Mat-Trix

The Andromeda Strain

Review - we take a look at the classic scientific thriller which began Michael Crichton's rise to the top of the movie industry back in 1971

Call To Power II

Review - Activision's latest take on classic turn-based strategy game "Civilization" comes under the spotlight


Review - can Shiny's third person action-strategy game live up to the hype?

Man Bites Dog

Review - "Natural Born Killers" meets "The Blair Witch Project" in the subject of EuroGamer's first DVD review


Review - can EgoSoft's semi-sequel turn the disappointing "X : Beyond The Frontier" into a true Elite for the new millenium?

Airfix Dogfighter

Review - "Their Finest Hour" meets "Toy Story" as World War II erupts in your house


Review - we take a look at the third person Viking action-adventure from Human Head

Halcyon Sun : Episodes 1 & 2

Review - episodic gaming takes to the stars, with a free downloadable space combat sim

Panzer General III : Scorched Earth

Review - could this be a return to form for the series which brought wargaming back to the masses?

Metal Gear Solid

Review - one of the greatest Playstation games finally makes it to the PC - was it worth the wait?

Heavy Metal : FAKK2

Review - we examine FAKK2's assets in our definitive review of the third person action game

Everglide Large Attack Pad

Precision mouse surface reviewed

Heroes of Might & Magic III : The Shadow Of Death

Role-playing strategy game reviewed


Vehicle bound action game reviewed

Ultimate Golf Simulation

First person golf game reviewed

KISS : Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child

Intense first person shooter reviewed

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