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American Conquest

Hands On - Cossacks' developers conquer the New World in their real-time strategy follow-up

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy

Quick Take - a role-playing strategy game with a difference

FeatureDelta Force: Black Hawk Down

A new lease of life for the long-running Delta Force series?

Project Nomads

Hands On - we take CDV's action-strategy game for a spin

FeatureNick Goldsworthy of BAM!

Interview - here be dragons


We take a look at Arxel Tribe's baffling action RPG

Big Scale Racing

Hands-On - small cars mean serious fun in this RC racing simulator

R.C. Cars

Hands-On - motorised mayhem on a miniature scale

FeatureMike Simpson of Creative Assembly

Interview - Creative Assembly tell us all about Medieval: Total War

FeatureFour Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

An adult-oriented action game from 3DO - who woulda thunk it?


Hands On - Ubi Soft's cel shaded shooter arrives at ECTS with a "kapow!"


First Look - we take a peek at another Unreal-engined shooter


Another innovative first person game emerges from the Ukraine

FeatureCharles Cecil of Revolution

Interview - Revolution boss Charles Cecil discusses his latest Broken Sword adventure

FeatureThorsten Feld of CDV

Interview - we talk to CDV producer Thorsten Feld about strategy sequel Sudden Strike II

FeatureBroken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Our first peek at the latest in the million-selling adventure game series

FeatureThe Future Of Gaming

Article - Peter Molyneux, Demis Hassabis, David Braben and Jez San discuss where videogame technology is heading

Frontline Attack: War Over Europe

Hands-On - we take the new World War II real-time strategy game for a pre-release spin

FeatureECTS 2002 - Independent Developers Preview

ECTS Preview - some of the highlights we expect to see from independent developers at ECTS

FeatureBen Simpson of Nicely Crafted Entertainment

Interview - we talk to NiCE about their recently launched online strategy game Time Of Defiance

Off-Road - Wide Open

Quick Take - more off-road mayhem from the makers of Smuggler's Run

FeatureECTS 2002 - Rage Preview

ECTS Preview - highlights of Rage's ECTS 2002 line-up

FeatureECTS 2002 - Ubi Soft

ECTS Preview - some of the games we'll be seeing on Ubi Soft's stand at ECTS 2002

No Name War

First Look - we examine this gorgeous looking 3D real-time strategy game

FeatureDan Wagner of I-Imagine

Interview - we talk to I-Imagine boss Dan Wagner about their Xbox stunt driving game Chase

TD overdrive

Quick Take - Midnight Club meets Burnout, collides head on and leaves a mangled wreck

Beach Life

Hands-On - Gestalt goes on holiday from the comfort of his own PC

Zelenhgorm: The Great Ship

Hands-On - our resident bushy eyebrowed southpaw investigates this utterly bizarre Swedish adventure game

FeatureFriis Tappert of CDV

Interview - we talk to CDV about their sci-fi action-strategy game Project Nomads

Another War

Hands-On - we take a beta version of the novel World War II role-playing game for a spin

FeatureIon Hardie of Reflexive Entertainment

Interview - Lionheart's lead designer talks Fallout, magic and the Spanish Inquisition

The Thing

Hands On - one of John Carpenter's greatest movies comes to the PC and next-gen consoles, and boy is it good

FeatureNorthbridge Tourist Guide

Article - an introduction to EuroGamer's very own Neverwinter Nights module

CT Special Forces

Quick Take - side-scrolling action comes to the GBA

FeatureGuy Wilday of Codemasters

Interview - Colin McRae Rally producer Guy Wilday talks about the latest game in the series

Time Of Defiance

Hands On - an in-depth look at an addictive online strategy game

Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood

First Look - Robin Hood, Robin Hood, and his merry men, coming soon to a PC near you

Rainbow Six : Raven Shield

Hands On - we take the latest episode of the multi-million selling Rainbow Six series for a spin

FeatureMike Grasso of 911

Interview - we talk to Rainbow Six technical consultant Mike Grasso

FeatureMike McCoy of Ubi Soft Montreal

Interview - Rainbow Six : Raven Shield's lead designer introduces us to the third game in Tom Clancy's tactical action series

FeatureKingdom Under Fire 2 : The Crusaders

Korean real-time strategy game gets a dramatic 3D make-over

FeatureChris Hadley of Computer Artworks - Part Two

Interview - everything you wanted to know about The Thing, but were afraid to ask

FeatureChris Hadley of Computer Artworks

Interview - we talk to The Thing's producer about the role of fear and trust in this novel horror game

FeatureAmerican Conquest

Real-time strategy epic Cossacks takes a trip to the New World

FeatureDave Saunders of Smartdog

Interview - Smartdog's technical director talks about their latest game, Downforce, and the state of Formula One

FeaturePhantom Crash

Mecha combat, oriental style

FeatureF1 Qualifying

Article - Formula One week kicks off with a look at the leading Grand Prix videogames

FeatureMathieu Ferland of Ubi Soft Montreal

Interview - we talk to Splinter Cell's producer about the latest Tom Clancy inspired action game

FeatureEd Howson of Masabi

Interview - Mobile Repton's developer talks about the latest generation of mobile phones, and why we should be excited about them

FeatureSudden Strike II

A hands-on look at the real-time strategy sequel


Preview - a heady mix of stealth, puzzle solving, cyberspace combat and stunning 3D graphics

FeatureEd Howson of Masabi and Richard Hanson of Superior Software

Interview - we talk to the man behind the new hand-held version of Repton, and the man behind the original BBC Micro classic

FeaturePawel Kalinowski of Mirage

Interview - we talk to Mirage about their new World War II role-playing game

FeatureGame On!

Article - gamers take over the Barbican art gallery - we investigate

FeatureSergiy Grygorovych of GSC Gameworld

Interview - we talk to the designer behind Stalker, a stunning new first person shooter from the Ukraine

FeatureDuke Nukem : The Manhattan Project

Preview - Duke Nukem returns to his roots

FeatureDavid Dienstbier of Acclaim Studios Austin - Part Two

Interview - Turok's designer reveals how to kill a dinosaur in lots of interesting ways

FeatureDavid Dienstbier of Acclaim Studios Austin - Part One

Interview - a look at the stunning world of Turok Evolution with the game's designer

FeatureDivine Divinity

Preview - more than just a Diablo clone

FeaturePaul Fox of Microsoft Europe

Interview - we talk to Microsoft about the recent Xbox price cut and the console's future

FeatureBill Roper of Blizzard - Part Two

Interview - we look at mod making and the importance of the online community

FeatureBill Roper of Blizzard - Part One

Interview - Blizzard talk about the Warcraft III beta test and the game's single player campaign


Preview - another futuristic motor racing game takes to the track

FeatureColin Macdonald of Rage - Part Two

Interview - a look at the final days of Mobile Forces' development, and post-release plans

FeatureColin Macdonald of Rage - Part One

Interview - we talk to Mobile Forces' producer about the game's design, engine and development team

FeatureRobin Dews of Warhammer Online

Interview - all the latest on Warhammer Online, straight from the horse's mouth

FeatureStar X

Preview - a hands-on look at one of the GBA's first 3D games

FeatureJedi Knight II : HSE Inspection

Article - our team of experts takes a look at the dangerous design of many Imperial facilities

FeatureShining Lore

Preview - Korea's answer to the massively multiplayer role-playing game

FeatureMobile Forces

Preview - a hands-on look at Rage's Unreal engined online shooter

FeatureAndrew Tepper of eGenesis

Interview - we talk to the creators of A Tale In The Desert, a novel new massively multiplayer game

FeatureTwelfth Night

Article - a look back at the Xbox's European launch, and what its prospects are for the future

FeatureLucien King, Guest Curator of the Barbican's GameOn Exhibition

Interview - Rockstar veteran Lucien King talks about his work on the GameOn exhibition at the Barbican

FeatureX Marks The Spot

Article - the Xbox arrives in Europe .. at last

FeatureErik Johansson of Monsterland

Interview - Erik Johansson talks about his off-the-wall music industry sim, Rock Manager

FeatureGaming Globes 2002 : Voting

Article - your chance to help decide who gets the gongs in EuroGamer's third annual Gaming Globes

FeatureGaming Globes 2002 : Nominations

Article - have your say on which games get nominated for a gong in EuroGamer's third annual Gaming Globes

FeatureAlexey Medvedev of Revolt

Interview - Revolt talk about their forthcoming space combat game, Homeplanet


Preview - we take a first hand look at this impressive looking sci-fi flight combat game for PC and Xbox

FeatureMedal Of Honor : Frontline

Preview - Medal Of Honor comes to the PS2, and it's looking every bit as good as Allied Assault

FeatureRick Giolito of Electronic Arts and Dale Dye

Interview - Allied Assault's producer and military advisor talk about the WW2 shooter, which is out today in Europe

FeatureA Tale In The Desert

Preview - a massively multiplayer game without fighting, monsters or experience points - whatever next?

FeatureWhatever Happened To .. Originality

Article - or, "why they don't make them like they used to"

FeatureSteve Pritchard of Rage

Interview - producer Steve Pritchard talks about Rage's madcap driving game, Crash

FeatureBroken Sword : Shadow Of The Templars

Preview - Revolution's classic adventure game comes to the GameBoy Advance

FeatureYou Suck

Article - the biggest problem with online gaming is online gamers

FeatureIngo Horn and Christoph Kabelitz of Westka Interactive

Interview - we chat with the German developers behind The Y-Project


Preview - the world's first preview of a new Unreal-engined action-adventure game from German developers Westka

FeatureArmy Men RTS

Preview - does exactly what it says on the tin


Preview - our first peek at the new Russian-made space combat sim

FeatureKrzysztof Marcinkiewicz of Techland

Interview - we talk to Polish developers Techland about their new tactical action game Chrome

FeatureDivine Divinity

Preview - a promising role-playing game with a silly title; whatever next?

FeatureMarc Jacobs of Mythic and Mickael Ivorra of GOA

Interview - Mythic and GOA talk about the impending European launch of Dark Age of Camelot

FeatureWhatever Happened To .. Episodic Gaming

Article - the first in a (very) irregular series of articles taking a look at buzzwords which seemed like a nice idea at the time

FeatureZsolt Hanula of Philos Labs

Interview - we talk to Philos about their forthcoming space strategy game Imperium Galactica 3


Preview - a hands-on look at Rage's car mangler for the Xbox

FeatureMostly Pointless

Article - Gestalt takes a look at what's wrong with the massively multiplayer role-playing genre


Preview - new improved action-strategy goodness, now with added vehicles and recommended daily allowance of eye candy


Preview - a closer look at Radon's stunning looking aerial action-strategy game

FeatureSergiy Grygorovych of GSC Gameworld

Interview - we talk to GSC Gameworld's Sergiy Grygorovych about their hit strategy game Cossacks and its add-on packs, follow-ups and sequel

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