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Mythic "flattered" by WOW's PVP changes

Jacobs reckons it's a reaction to WAR.

Warhammer Online class cut for good

Hammerer banned, or Choppa chopped?

Blizzard in for "lengthy battle" - Mythic

Jacobs responds to claims of lost players.

Diablo III

The devil makes work for clicking hands to do.

WOW still aiming for annual expansions

Not next time though, says Morhaime.

Console MMOs not a race, says Morhaime

Blizzard boss not bothered about being first.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's chief executive, has said he isn't worried about another company establishing itself as the lead MMO provider on consoles.


Not rocking the boat.

I'm not sure how I ended up in this position, hammering the D key on my computer in a desperate attempt to keep my ship's starboard cannons turned towards a giant crab attacking me from the rear. I can’t help wondering: if I had shelled out more money for a better crew, would I have even found myself in this predicament? When I started Florensia, this certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

FeatureThe Waiting Game

EA is waiting for Take-Two's shareholders - but what is Take-Two waiting for?

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