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Christian Donlan is a features editor for Eurogamer. He is the author of The Unmapped Mind, published as The Inward Empire in the US.

FeatureXbox One X promises a strong and stable line-up

But does it have the vision to excite?

FeatureLifeless Planet: Encounters at the end of the world

How one Alaska-based developer is making the year's most interesting sci-fi game.

FeatureThe many adventures of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Prepare for a new artisan and a new class - and a new end-game that's too good to leave until the end.

FeatureHow World of Warcraft plans to welcome you back

Streamlined yet familiar, Warlords of Draenor is built on a decade of experience.

FeatureinFamous: Second Son is likeable, but not yet loveable

An hour with Second Son suggests this could be the best yet, but can it push the series towards greatness?

FeatureIn praise of early adopters

Let's hear it for friends who splash out on day one.

FeatureYou're in charge!

From vital patches to game cancellations, players are often intimately involved.

FeatureThe trouble with female protagonists, and the influence of J.J. Abrams: Introducing Velocity 2X

Futurlab's starbound follow-up introduces new mechanics, and new challenges.

FeatureCiv 5 designer returns with a fresh approach to 4X

At the Gates sets its sights on the fall of Rome.

FeatureBack on the farm again: How Enemy Within redefines XCOM

Firaxis' expansion offers gene-splicing, cybernetics - and robotic exo-skeletons.

FeatureGalak-Z preview: The PS4's secret weapon?

"Those are the bad guys: go shoot 'em all."

FeatureMind the stopgaps?

What can you expect from games that are dictated by scheduling?

FeatureShorting the turnips market

Chris Donlan investigates Animal Crossing's strange spin on Wall Street.

FeatureWhy Grand Theft Auto 5 has to be a comedy

It's the only genre left standing.

FeatureBayonetta 2 preview: She's got the touch?

Bayonetta's new touchscreen control option might be a good route in for series newcomers.

FeatureThat difficult second screen

Maps, inventories and air-strikes are fine, but is there more to console gaming's latest preoccupation?

FeatureTotal War: Rome 2 preview - Fights of the old republic

What you can expect from both the battlefield and the campaign map.

FeatureAce Patrol preview: Sid Meier takes to the skies

"I love the game design part most of all."

FeatureLune preview: The moon is in your hands

Meet the gentle puzzler with some planetary preoccupations.

FeatureDishonored - The Knife of Dunwall: A comedy of errors

An hour or so with Dishonored's latest DLC.

FeatureGears of War: Judgment preview: Bigger, Bairder, more badass?

The Locust are back, but can an injection of Bulletstorm DNA keep things fresh?

FeatureMany tanks: Command & Conquer turns free-to-play

Can Frostbite 2 and a new business model return the tank rush to its former glory?

FeatureWildStar preview: Happy hunting?

Carbine unveils the Dominion proving grounds.

FeatureWildfire Worlds: Eurogamer takes on a power station

A couple of days with Dot Product's nihilism engine.

FeatureLuigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - the Mushroom Kingdom Metroidvania

Mario's brother's back amongst the ghosts, and that's good news for everyone.

FeatureMarvel Heroes preview: Suited and looted

The latest superhero MMO on the scene is channeling Diablo. Excelsior?

FeatureMetro: Last Light preview: The Underground Man

4A's latest promises improvements in terms of the weaponry, the stealth, and the surroundings.

FeatureRymdkapsel preview: Addicted to base (building)

Prepare to lose lunch breaks to a new strain of "meditative strategy".

FeatureAce of Spades preview: Driller Killer

Blocks meet bullets in Jagex's team-based first-person shooter.

FeatureScrolls: from building blocks to building decks

Mojang's follow-up to Minecraft is a very different beast.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: F2P FTW?

As free-to-play games land on consoles, Chris Donlan re-examines his own prejudices.

FeatureWii U: How are the ports shaping up?

Donlan checks out the first wave of multi-platform releases, including Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed 3.

FeatureRandy Pitchford Beats the Devil

How the studio head's tricksy blend of showmanship and strategy has helped define Gearbox Software.

FeatureWii U: Hunting for the star of the launch line-up

Asymmetry and a focus on local multiplayer suggest great promise for Nintendo's new box of tricks.

FeatureThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Deadly Rooms of Debt?

Ubisoft Montreal goes free-to-play with this creative blend of construction and destruction.

FeatureCall of Juarez: Gunslinger Preview: Putting The Horse Before The Cartel

The ornery first-person shooter returns to its roots.

FeatureTrials Evolution: Origin of Pain Preview: Yes We Cannon

Hands on with RedLynx's circus of horrors.

FeatureWildfire Worlds Preview: Occupy Trumpton!

"I was watching the London riots on telly when I suddenly thought: I want to play that."

FeatureHow are video games like a French Dip sandwich?

They're both too good to be lost to history.

FeatureWWE 13 Preview: Party like it's 1999

This year's update returns to past glories.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: The Outsiders

Let's hear it for isolation.

FeatureSkulls of the Shogun Preview: Turn-Based Terror

Hands on with the spooky heir to Advance Wars.

FeatureGame & Wario Preview: Game, Set & Wario?

A quartet of gems suggest that Nintendo's anti-Mario is as much fun as ever.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: At What Point Does a Game Become a Toy?

Pure playfulness, from physics simulations to Windowsill.

FeatureDarksiders 2: Death Becomes You

Half an hour with Vigil's new leading man.

FeatureCompany of Heroes 2 Preview: Russian Attack

Relic's world-beating RTS turns its attention to the Eastern Front.

FeatureEpic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Preview: Back to the Wasteland

There are plenty of new ideas in Mickey's latest adventure, but is the design team playing it safe?

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: A Shoots, B Kerns

Why a game about type-setting might be good news for everybody

FeatureBorderlands 2 Preview: The Right to Bear Arms

Lots of changes to get excited about, but Borderlands is still as gloriously violent as ever.

FeatureWill GAME's Woes Kill Off AA Titles?

The squeezed middle could soon be squeezed out of existence argues Christian Donlan.

FeatureThe Amazing Spider-Man Preview: Peter Parkour

After years of waiting, Spidey's finally going open-world again.

FeatureMW3 Content Pack 3 Preview: Elite Beat Agents

Picking over the latest of COD's DLC drops.

FeatureTransformers: Fall of Cybertron Preview: Revenge of the Fallen

With Michael Bay out of the way, High Moon is hoping for a return to past glories

FeatureGunpoint Preview: Rewiring the Action Puzzle Game

How Deus Ex inspired an indie game about electricians.

FeatureDarksiders 2 Preview: Looting the Classics

Vigil digs deep for its Diablo-inspired sequel.

FeatureSyndicate Preview

Chips challenge.

FeatureSSX Preview

Deadly, decent.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: The Trouble With Tie-ins

Why do licensed games have such a bad reputation?

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Horrible Bosses

Are gaming's greatest villains an endangered species?

FeatureJonathan Blow

"In this game there are hardly any verbs…"

FeatureThe Witness

Puzzle quest.

FeatureRise of Nightmares

Scary monsters.

FeatureRayman Origins

Hands free.

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