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Queen's New Year list honours Brit devs

Codemasters and Sports Interactive win.

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has been awarded a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in this year's New Year's Honours list. It follows the same title being bestowed on the company's founders, Richard and David Darling, in 2008.

Halo MMO would be "challenging" - Bungie

Studio was surprised by Ensemble concepts.

Making an MMO out of the Halo franchise would be a "pretty challenging" undertaking that would involve the creation of a "whole new layer of fiction and new characters that don't currently exist" - and is a subject that has often been the subject of "heated discussions" at Bungie.

FeatureSony's Kaz Hirai

More from PlayStation's new dad.

Last week we published five questions we put to the boss of Microsoft's Xbox business, Don Mattrick, and his counterpart at Sony, Kaz Hirai, and their responses. On the Sony side, it all came from GamesIndustry.biz editor Phil Elliott's interview with Hirai, which was published there in full on Tuesday.

Football Manager Live

Updated impressions from the evolving beta.

Football Manager Live is a daring proposition for Sports Interactive, there's no doubt about that. The studio that has, for more years than we'd care to remember, notched up annual success with its footy management titles is taking the online plunge and the only nets in sight don't look too safe. At least, they don't in my experience, as yet another shot from an opposition striker I've never heard of thunders past my inept goalkeeper.