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Oli is the editor of Eurogamer.net and likes to take things one word at a time. His friends call him The European, but that's just a coincidence. He's still playing Diablo 3.

FeatureThe Almost Gone's point-and-click personal history doesn't work

But that doesn't mean you can't tell stories with puzzles.

FeatureThe 10 best game reissues of 2019

Remasters, remakes, re-releases and more.

FeatureBlizzard faces an impossible choice, but choose it must

The uproar over the banning of a Hong Kong Hearthstone pro threatens the company's values and identity to the core.

Feature50 game releases to look forward to in 2019

Plus: listen to our podcast predictions for the year ahead.

FeatureThe 10 best game reissues of 2018

Remasters, remakes, re-releases and more.

FeatureThe Water Temple isn't as difficult as we remember

Reentering Zelda: Ocarina of Time's infamous dungeon, 20 years on.

FeatureDiablo 3's classes - ranked

On the Switching hour.

FeatureEurogamer's best of E3 2018

Our Editors' Choice awards revealed.

FeatureSteam's content policy is both arrogant and cowardly

Having appointed itself the god-king of PC gaming, Valve is vacating the throne.

FeatureXbox Game Pass revives Xbox One's digital vision - without the evil

Microsoft kills game ownership and… it sort of makes sense?

FeatureEurogamer's best of E3 2017

Our five Editors' Choice awards revealed.

FeatureE3's press conferences are killing E3

There just aren't enough games to go around.

FeatureScorpio made simple: the next Xbox's tech explained

If you don't know a teraflop from a texture filter, read this.

FeatureSwitch has redesigned portable gaming forever

Despite a rushed and shaky launch, it's mission accomplished for Nintendo's hybrid console.

FeatureA complete history of Nintendo console launches

And what they can tell us about Switch.

FeatureThe Hero Factory: Conversations with Chris Metzen

As he retires from his position as Blizzard's head writer.

FeatureLife after console generations has one big upside

Why should we welcome PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio? There is a reason.

FeatureNX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

Perhaps its only option for staying in the hardware game.

FeatureActually, Pokémon Go isn't really a Nintendo game

But it's still great news for Nintendo.

PodcastThe Eurogamer Podcast: Yep, it's about Pokémon Go

Plus Chris brings up XCOM 2 *again*.

FeatureEurogamer's best of E3 2016

Five games. No winner.

FeatureIn Play: The best game of 2015 arrives on PS4 this week

Going back to the future with Invisible Inc, Starfox, Ratchet and The Banner Saga 2.

FeatureIn Play: Scratch that pitch

How Dirt Rally, Quantum Break and Enter the Gungeon sell themselves with titles alone.

FeaturePlayStation VR has the right price - and the right attitude

Sony takes the road less travelled in search of VR's killer app.

FeatureThe moment Diablo - and the action-RPG genre - were born

"I remember taking the mouse. And I clicked on the mouse."

PodcastThe Eurogamer Podcast & Friends: GDC 2016 special

Shut Up & Sit Down and Rock, Paper, Shotgun join us in San Francisco.

FeatureIn Play: The trouble with building games to last

Hitman, The Division, and video games' war with time.

FeatureIn Play: There's a kind of diversity that games excel at

Scattershooting in Superhot, Far Cry Primal and the rest of this week's releases.

FeatureIn Play: Games' relationship with nature is weird

Escaping to - or from - the great outdoors in Firewatch, Unravel and Dying Light.

FeatureEurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist

And a bit of a family squabble.

FeatureUncharted: Remastered, revisited, reassessed

Playing the Nathan Drake Collection.

FeatureLooking to the Horizon: how Guerrilla moved on

Dutch studio's next is filled with promise, robots and loot.

FeatureShuhei Yoshida on saving The Last Guardian and PS4 in Japan

And "the morning after" that press conference.

FeatureOculus Touch is the gold standard in VR control

Hands-on with the sensational E3 demo.

FeatureThe Last Guardian emerges from hibernation, unchanged

And it seems there's still a way to go.

FeatureNostalgia and experiment meet in Star Fox Zero

Co-developed with Platinum Games.

FeatureMicrosoft's difficult choice at E3 2015

Will Phil Spencer try to save Xbox One, or push for the cross-platform future?

FeatureCheating death in Diablo 3's Hardcore mode

And how Blizzard fixed its dungeon-crawler by breaking it.

FeatureValve's astounding SteamVR solves big problems - and poses bigger questions

Now that the VR dream is real, what do we do with it?

FeatureDon't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

Microsoft is steadily salvaging its reputation - but it's been far from a painless process.

FeatureWho needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

It was the console that could do no wrong - but software was another matter.

FeatureSnake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

The Tomb Raider deal dominated headlines, but Metal Gear's move onto Steam is the true harbinger.

FeatureRob Pardo's legacy of steel

Blizzard's outgoing design chief has an eye for detail that will be keenly missed.

FeatureDirectly to you: Nintendo wins E3 on its own terms

New games, fresh thinking and brilliant PR bring the Kyoto giant bang up to date.

FeatureThe art of the E3 press conference

A handy guide for puzzled executives turned showbiz frontmen.

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