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FeatureTaking arcades out of the underground

A report from the France's Stunfest, an open-armed event that embraces gaming's more hard-edged communities.

Arcade culture has, for years, occupied a strange position in the global gaming community's hive mind.

FeatureDoDonPachi retrospective

The full extent of the Jam.

If the bullet hell shooter has a poster-child, it is arguably Ikaruga. Treasure's elegant masterwork is repeatedly thrust to the front of the shmup crowd, pushed into the limelight to be applauded by the mainstream as the ultimate example of its genre.

FeatureATEI 2008 Show Report

Silent Hill, Far Cry, Tekken and scaffolders' laptops.

Even those of us who weren't there at the time seem to remember the golden age of arcades with a fond twinkle in our eye. Our heads are crowded with memories of cheering spectators, 20p credits and air thick with the smell of freshly cooked chips and first tastes of tobacco.