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Damien McFerran


Retro fanatic and tech bore Damien has been writing words for professional publication since 2006, but has yet to fulfill his lifelong ambition of being commissioned by Your Kitten Magazine.

Feature | The death of an indie store

After 25 years in business, Rare's local game store is closing its doors.

Feature | The retro gaming industry could be killing video game preservation

"These companies are taking advantage without giving back."

Feature | The story of Mean Machines magazine

"You have to believe that it was a special place and time".

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Meet the man who tried to make Capcom's survival horror even scarier, and failed.

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Bare Knuckle sandwich - a look back at Sega's 16-bit series.

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Behind the scenes on the shooter that marked the birth of CD gaming.

Digital Foundry | The ultimate retro handheld collectors' guide

Looking back at the pre-smartphone era of portable gaming.

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Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone on creating a page-turning legend.

Feature | Step inside the arcade of the future

The coin-op is dead, long live the coin-op.

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An Android tablet with physical gaming controls - is it a match made in heaven? Digital Foundry investigates.

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There's life in those old cartridges yet. Meet the hardware add-on that could legitimise retro emulation.

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Digital Foundry goes hands-on with Bond's new mobile.

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The astonishing story behind the world's first crowd-funded console, plus full review of the new 1GHz edition.

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Does gameplay drive our love of vintage games, or is it something else entirely?

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Germany's indie darlings speak exclusively about their new Neo Geo game, Gunlord

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Everything you need to know about the greatest video games systems ever made.

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Attack of the Clones! Mega Drive and SNES resurrected as handhelds - Digital Foundry checks them out.

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Is this cloud combo the future of gaming on the go?

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Tired of the touch-screen? Try these phone and tablet controllers for size.

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Know your Xperia Play from your Galaxy Nexus.

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