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Damien McFerran


Retro fanatic and tech bore Damien has been writing words for professional publication since 2006, but has yet to fulfill his lifelong ambition of being commissioned by Your Kitten Magazine.

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Sony's mobile transformation is complete, but can its latest effort match the Galaxy S4? Digital Foundry investigates.

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A galaxy of difference? Digital Foundry investigates this year's biggest Android release.

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The coin-op is dead, long live the coin-op.

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Digital Foundry says hello to the Android JXD S7300, the latest clone from the Far East.

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An Android tablet with physical gaming controls - is it a match made in heaven? Digital Foundry investigates.

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Everyone's favourite phone/tablet hybrid gets a makeover. Digital Foundry tackles the biggest Android phone yet.

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There's life in those old cartridges yet. Meet the hardware add-on that could legitimise retro emulation.

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Nexus Phwoar? Digital Foundry reviews the quad-core Android which costs half as much as the iPhone 5.

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Intel is gunning for mobile success, but does it give this Razr the edge? Digital Foundry finds out.

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30 for an ultra-portable dual-core media centre with the same GPU as the Samsung Galaxy S3? Digital Foundry investigates.

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Digital Foundry goes hands-on with Bond's new mobile.

Digital Foundry | The ultimate open source handheld: the return of Pandora

The astonishing story behind the world's first crowd-funded console, plus full review of the new 1GHz edition.

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Does gameplay drive our love of vintage games, or is it something else entirely?

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The Transformer Prime's Tegra 3-powered little brother gets the Digital Foundry treatment.

Feature | Never Neglect the Niche: NG Dev Team on developing for dead systems

Germany's indie darlings speak exclusively about their new Neo Geo game, Gunlord

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HTC's 2012 Android family grows by two, but which is the One?

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Digital Foundry goes hands-on with the first quad core Android smartphone.

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Inspired by Apple, powered by Google.

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The Ericsson divorce is complete, but does single life suit Sony? Digital Foundry tests the firm's new solo smartphone.

New film 100 Yen explores arcade gaming in Japan

Pledge your support now to help with production.

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