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Retro fanatic and tech bore Damien has been writing words for professional publication since 2006, but has yet to fulfill his lifelong ambition of being commissioned by Your Kitten Magazine.

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FeatureThe death of an indie store

After 25 years in business, Rare's local game store is closing its doors.

Samsung Galaxy S9 review

Is Android's new flagship the best smartphone money can buy?

FeatureThe retro gaming industry could be killing video game preservation

"These companies are taking advantage without giving back."

Samsung Galaxy S8 review

To Infinity and beyond.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

Hitting the right note?

Apple iPhone X review

A brilliant product, but do we really need Face ID?

FeatureThe story of Mean Machines magazine

"You have to believe that it was a special place and time".

FeaturePirates of the airwaves: How Sega won the hearts and minds of a generation

"Does it look like we're trying to be a disco vicar?"

Digital FoundryXiaomi Mi5 review

Flagship smartphone specs at half the price - so what's the catch?

Digital FoundryLG G5 review

Has genuine hardware innovation returned to the smartphone market?

Digital FoundryCyber Gadget Retro Freak review

Seven retro consoles in one box - but is it better than the Retron 5?

Digital FoundryApple iPhone 6S review

You've got the 3D touch.

Samsung Galaxy S6 review

A galaxy of difference.

Digital FoundryHTC One M9 review

Third time's a charm?

Digital FoundryNew Nintendo 3DS review

New and improved - and now available in the UK.

FeatureYasuhisa Kawamura and the Resident Evil that never was

Meet the man who tried to make Capcom's survival horror even scarier, and failed.

FeatureThe making of RoboCod

A fish out of water.

FeatureStreets of Rage was much more than a Final Fight clone

Bare Knuckle sandwich - a look back at Sega's 16-bit series.

FeatureBorn slippy: the making of Star Fox

From the archive: ex-Argonaut staff reveal the story behind the revolutionary SNES hit.

Digital FoundryHyperkin Retron 5 review

Five retro consoles in one - with pin-sharp HDMI support. Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundryHTC One M8 review

Still the One? Digital Foundry investigates.

FeatureReality Crumbles: Whatever happened to VR?

From the archive: a look back at virtual reality from before the emergence of Oculus and Morpheus.

Digital FoundryMad Catz Mojo review

Can the case be made for a 220 Android micro-console?

Digital FoundryRetro-Bit Super Retro Trio review

A NES, SNES and Mega Drive all-in-one console? Digital Foundry looks for the catch.

FeatureA fantastic voyage: The making of Microcosm

Behind the scenes on the shooter that marked the birth of CD gaming.

Digital FoundryMotorola Moto G review

A quad-core Android phone for 100 - what's the catch?

Digital FoundryiPad Air review

Tablet of the year?

Digital FoundryGoogle Nexus 5 review

The biggest Android event of the year? Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundrySamsung Galaxy S4 Mini review

The leading Android phone of 2013 gets miniaturised.

Digital FoundryThe ultimate retro handheld collectors' guide

Looking back at the pre-smartphone era of portable gaming.

Digital FoundryWikipad review

An Android tablet with detachable gaming controls - the best of both worlds for mobile gaming?

FeatureYou are the hero: A history of Fighting Fantasy

Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone on creating a page-turning legend.

Digital FoundrySamsung Galaxy S4 Active review

The Galaxy S4 gets a rugged makeover, but does it better the original?

Digital FoundrySamsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review

Compact camera meets Android phone. Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundryAsus FonePad review

Digital Foundry investigates the tablet that thinks it's a phone.

Digital FoundrySony Xperia Tablet Z review

Power and performance in the thinnest form factor on the market, so what's the catch?

FeatureHerzog Zwei retrospective

Always bet on duke.

Digital FoundrySony Xperia Z review

Sony's mobile transformation is complete, but can its latest effort match the Galaxy S4? Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundrySamsung Galaxy S4 review

A galaxy of difference? Digital Foundry investigates this year's biggest Android release.

FeatureStep inside the arcade of the future

The coin-op is dead, long live the coin-op.

Digital FoundryHTC One review

The One and only? Digital Foundry vs. HTC's Galaxy S4 challenger.

Digital FoundryNeo Geo X review

Digital Foundry finds out if this pocket-sized arcade system lives up to the legend.

Digital FoundryHTC 8X review

Can Windows Phone 8 offer a viable alternative to iOS and Android, and how well does it integrate with Xbox Live? Digital Foundry finds out.

Digital FoundrySamsung Series 3 Chromebook review

Can this cloud-powered laptop replace your notebook or tablet? Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundryWii U GamePad Android knock-off review

Digital Foundry says hello to the Android JXD S7300, the latest clone from the Far East.

Digital FoundryKindle Fire HD review

Is Amazon's revised tablet a worthy competitor to the Nexus 7? Digital Foundry takes a look.

Digital FoundryArchos GamePad review

An Android tablet with physical gaming controls - is it a match made in heaven? Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundrySamsung Galaxy Note 2 review

Everyone's favourite phone/tablet hybrid gets a makeover. Digital Foundry tackles the biggest Android phone yet.

Digital FoundryRetrode 2 review

There's life in those old cartridges yet. Meet the hardware add-on that could legitimise retro emulation.

Digital FoundryGoogle Nexus 4 review

Nexus Phwoar? Digital Foundry reviews the quad-core Android which costs half as much as the iPhone 5.

Digital FoundryMotorola Razr I review

Intel is gunning for mobile success, but does it give this Razr the edge? Digital Foundry finds out.

Digital FoundryAcer Iconia Tab A700 review

Android finally challenges the iPad's Retina screen, but how does this Tegra tablet stack up elsewhere? Digital Foundry takes a look.

Digital FoundryFifth Gen iPod Touch review

Is there still room in the market for iPhone's little brother? Digital Foundry finds out.

Digital FoundryAndroid on a stick: Klastor UG802 review

30 for an ultra-portable dual-core media centre with the same GPU as the Samsung Galaxy S3? Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundrySony Xperia T review

Digital Foundry goes hands-on with Bond's new mobile.

Digital FoundryThe ultimate open source handheld: the return of Pandora

The astonishing story behind the world's first crowd-funded console, plus full review of the new 1GHz edition.

App of the Day: Final Fantasy: Dimensions

You get what you pay for.

FeatureCrippled by Nostalgia: The Fraud of Retro Gaming

Does gameplay drive our love of vintage games, or is it something else entirely?

Digital FoundryThe Most Blatant Hardware Clone Ever: Droid X360 Reviewed

Can this Android-based Vita pretender teach Sony a few lessons? Digital Foundry finds out.

Digital FoundryThe 50 Android Tablet Experience

A 7-inch Android 4.0 slate with capacitive screen for boxed game money? Digital Foundry had to find out more.

Digital FoundryAsus Transformer Pad TF300 Review

The Transformer Prime's Tegra 3-powered little brother gets the Digital Foundry treatment.

FeatureNever Neglect the Niche: NG Dev Team on developing for dead systems

Germany's indie darlings speak exclusively about their new Neo Geo game, Gunlord

Digital FoundryPanasonic Eluga dL1 Review

Don't call it a comeback: Digital Foundry on the Japanese veteran's attempt to muscle in on the Android market.

Digital FoundryHTC One S/One V Reviews

HTC's 2012 Android family grows by two, but which is the One?

Digital FoundryThe Ultimate Retro Console Collectors' Guide

Everything you need to know about the greatest video games systems ever made.

Digital FoundryScroll Extreme Review

A 9.7-inch IPS screen and Android 4.0 for under 200 - is this tablet too good to be true? Digital Foundry finds out.

Digital FoundryHTC One X Review

Digital Foundry goes hands-on with the first quad core Android smartphone.

Digital FoundryHuawei Media Pad Review

Inspired by Apple, powered by Google.

Digital FoundrySony Xperia S Review

The Ericsson divorce is complete, but does single life suit Sony? Digital Foundry tests the firm's new solo smartphone.

New film 100 Yen explores arcade gaming in Japan

Pledge your support now to help with production.

Digital FoundryAsus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review

The tablet-laptop hybrid gets a quad core upgrade. Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundryRetro Handhelds Face-Off

Attack of the Clones! Mega Drive and SNES resurrected as handhelds - Digital Foundry checks them out.

Digital FoundryXperia Play with OnLive: The Real Next-Gen Handheld?

Is this cloud combo the future of gaming on the go?

Digital FoundryMotorola Xoom 2 Tablet Reviews

Motorola takes not one but two shots at toppling the iPad - is either successful?

Digital FoundryMobile Controller Group Test

Tired of the touch-screen? Try these phone and tablet controllers for size.

App of the Day: Android Humble Bundle

Charity begins on your phone.

Digital FoundrySamsung Galaxy Note Review

A jumbo smartphone? A shrunken tablet? Or something all-new?

Digital FoundryBest Android Gaming Smartphones

Know your Xperia Play from your Galaxy Nexus.

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