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Retro fanatic and tech bore Damien has been writing words for professional publication since 2006, but has yet to fulfill his lifelong ambition of being commissioned by Your Kitten Magazine.

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Feature | The death of an indie store

After 25 years in business, Rare's local game store is closing its doors.

Review | Samsung Galaxy S9 review

Is Android's new flagship the best smartphone money can buy?

Feature | The retro gaming industry could be killing video game preservation

"These companies are taking advantage without giving back."

Review | Samsung Galaxy S8 review

To Infinity and beyond.

Review | Apple iPhone X review

A brilliant product, but do we really need Face ID?

Feature | The story of Mean Machines magazine

"You have to believe that it was a special place and time".

Digital Foundry | Xiaomi Mi5 review

Flagship smartphone specs at half the price - so what's the catch?

Digital Foundry | LG G5 review

Has genuine hardware innovation returned to the smartphone market?

Digital Foundry | Cyber Gadget Retro Freak review

Seven retro consoles in one box - but is it better than the Retron 5?

Review | Samsung Galaxy S6 review

A galaxy of difference.

Digital Foundry | New Nintendo 3DS review

New and improved - and now available in the UK.

Feature | Yasuhisa Kawamura and the Resident Evil that never was

Meet the man who tried to make Capcom's survival horror even scarier, and failed.

Feature | Streets of Rage was much more than a Final Fight clone

Bare Knuckle sandwich - a look back at Sega's 16-bit series.

Feature | Born slippy: the making of Star Fox

From the archive: ex-Argonaut staff reveal the story behind the revolutionary SNES hit.

Digital Foundry | Hyperkin Retron 5 review

Five retro consoles in one - with pin-sharp HDMI support. Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital Foundry | HTC One M8 review

Still the One? Digital Foundry investigates.

Feature | Reality Crumbles: Whatever happened to VR?

From the archive: a look back at virtual reality from before the emergence of Oculus and Morpheus.

Digital Foundry | Mad Catz Mojo review

Can the case be made for a £220 Android micro-console?

Digital Foundry | Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio review

A NES, SNES and Mega Drive all-in-one console? Digital Foundry looks for the catch.

Feature | A fantastic voyage: The making of Microcosm

Behind the scenes on the shooter that marked the birth of CD gaming.

Digital Foundry | Motorola Moto G review

A quad-core Android phone for £100 - what's the catch?

Digital Foundry | Google Nexus 5 review

The biggest Android event of the year? Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital Foundry | Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini review

The leading Android phone of 2013 gets miniaturised.

Digital Foundry | The ultimate retro handheld collectors' guide

Looking back at the pre-smartphone era of portable gaming.

Digital Foundry | Wikipad review

An Android tablet with detachable gaming controls - the best of both worlds for mobile gaming?

Feature | You are the hero: A history of Fighting Fantasy

Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone on creating a page-turning legend.

Digital Foundry | Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review

The Galaxy S4 gets a rugged makeover, but does it better the original?

Digital Foundry | Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review

Compact camera meets Android phone. Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital Foundry | Asus FonePad review

Digital Foundry investigates the tablet that thinks it's a phone.

Digital Foundry | Sony Xperia Tablet Z review

Power and performance in the thinnest form factor on the market, so what's the catch?

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