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Kim Wild



One for the road, barkeep.

The grass is always greener on the other side, so they say. During the daily, predictable grind of employment, daydreams provide light relief to the monotony of life. Walking down the catwalk in Italy; singing on stage in a West End musical, or starring as Bond in the next blockbuster movie. Even serving cocktails in the new designer bar down the road can seem more alluring than your current career path. Tom Cruise certainly had a blast with it before all that dodgy Xenu business!

Super Breakout

Breaking up is so very hard to do.

The original Breakout added a whole new twist to the bat 'n' ball formula back in 1978, introducing a fortress of bricks to bounce your sphere against. Its success in the arcades meant a sequel quickly followed and, while aesthetically identical to the original, the additional modes make it a more entertaining proposition.

Pole Position

Doesn't take the championship this year.

Back in 1982, Pole Position was the star of the arcade racing track. Realistic racing games were in short supply, so this rubber-burning new arrival set the standard -- achieving tremendous success over the next couple of years. Its realistic visual style was unlike anything seen before, with a (then) unique third person perspective, good use of synthesised speech and turbo scrolling speed which gave it the authentic feel of a real formula one vehicle. Chuck in a steering wheel, pedals and a sit down cabinet and YOU were the driver, pursuing your wildest championship fantasies on the open tarmac.