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Simon Brew


Track & Field

Athletic endurance, pre-Wii.

Saliva isn't a particularly common ingredient in videogaming, yet it proved to be a damn-near essential component for some of Track & Field's most successful participants.

Hyper Sports

Hyper? It's a natural high, I swear.

Hyper Sports certainly had ambition. Instead of diligently retreading the steps of its predecessor, Konami's sequel to Track & Field introduced seven new events. T&F's three-button control system (two for hammering at speed, one to cover jumps/gymnastics/breathing/taking steroids) returned though - as did a familiar requirement for brute force and deft timing. The game also proudly holds the gold for "seediest wink ever seen in videogaming."


Invading your space once again.

Standing happily on the shoulders of Space Invaders and enjoying the view while it's there, Galaga is what happens when a game developer poaches a fine concept and genuinely bothers to enhance it. Making it bastard hard didn't hurt either - those 10p pieces can't earn themselves...