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Johnny Minkley is a veteran games writer and broadcaster, former editor of Eurogamer TV, VP of gaming charity SpecialEffect, and hopeless social media addict.

Sonic The Hedgehog

TGS: Hands-on, and chat with Masahiro Kumono.

Yarnton promises 'biggest ever launch' for Wii

And still predicts shortages.

EGTV: Video round-up

Quite a lot of girls, oddly.

Show overload a danger - Lewis

E3 loss good chance for rethink.

FeatureGamesIndustry.biz: Hearts and minds

Johnny argues the PS3 delay's no disaster, but Sony needs to make friends.

Pre-Christmas Forza 2 release 'hangs in balance'

'This financial year' - Lewis.

'No 360 shortages this Xmas'

So says man who should know.

EGTV: Video round-up

Flying lessens.

MS cuts 360 Core to 199

First official price cut for next-gen system in effect.

GC: Mario Strikers live demo

Now showing on EGTV.

MS talks cross-platform

'Floodgates' to open in '08.

EGTV: Video round-up

Call of Duty 3, Dark Messiah...

EGTV: Video round-up

Bully, FIFA, Just Cause and more.

EGTV: Video round-up

Splinter Cell, Company of Heroes, more.

EGTV: Tetsuya Mizuguchi

The full interview.

EGTV: DoW: Dark Crusade

And this week's trailer is...

EGTV: Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Exclusive action from Ubi's latest.

EGTV: Video round-up

Mark Rein, Motor Storm, more.

EGTV: Video round-up

Find out what's showing now.

Ubi 'still doing sports games'

But RPGs are bigger focus - boss

Peter Molyneux on Fable 2's 'big, big' secret

It's one word. Can you guess?

THQ boss hails fun-factor Wii

Perfect antidote, says CEO Farrell.

EGTV: Video round-up

The best television in website.

EGTV: Midway boss backs Blu-ray

Zucker defends PS3 price, too.

EGTV: Video round-up

It's that time again.

EGTV: Dawn of War: DC video

Take a peek at the Necron race.

EGTV: Video round-up

Oi! Stop watching the footie!

EGTV: WoW Burning Crusade

See flying mounts in action.

EGTV: Dance Factory

Codies takes on rhythm-action.

EGTV: video round-up

This week's movie highlights.

EGTV: Need For Speed Carbon

First trailer since E3.

EGTV: Video round-up

Moving picture highlights.

EGTV: Micro Machines trailer

See Codies' racer in action.

EGTV: Dark Crusade trailer

See new Dawn of War expansion.

EGTV: Company of Heroes trailer

No, not a film about us - the RTS.

EGTV: Virtua Tennis 3 trailer

The ball's in our court.

EGTV: PS3 online still 'hazy', says Microsoft

'Plagiarism's a good thing.'

EGTV: Wii-bashing has 'died and gone' - Yarnton

UK boss claims victory in name game.

EGTV: Exclusive Supreme Commander trailer

Glimpse of the futuristic future.

EGTV: Moore rubbishes PS3 pad

MS thought of it first, apparently. Watch the interview.

FeatureEA takes on the World

The Cup runneth over.

Sensi Soccer premieres on EG TV

See the new Sensi in action.

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