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FeatureFred Gray on C64 Music

Best SID down for this one.

Aurally, there wasn't much to write home about during the 8-bit home computer era. Games burped and belched to accompany in-game action and that was about it. Early ZX Spectrum attempts at music were painful, and, when amplified using the EAR lead, sent pets running for cover. Early attempts on the C64 didn't do much better.

FeatureSpeedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

Mike Montgomery on today's XBLA release.

Whenever I talk with friends about the top games on the Amiga, a number of games by the Bitmap Brothers inevitably end up on the list. They were truly masters of the 16-bit machine, each of their releases receiving universal acclaim and setting new benchmarks in game design that other developers invariably failed to meet.