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Impossible Mission

Staying forever.

Another visitor. Stay awhile... stay forever! No, not Eurogamer's mission goal (although they're perfectly free to "borrow" it) but instead the taunting speech of a lunatic scientist, a simple yet perfect introduction to one of the Commodore 64's most enigmatic classics.


Your user can't help you now, my little program!

Not only was Tron a landmark fashion event for fans of skin-tight circuitry wear, the accompanying arcade game was probably the first overwhelmingly successful film license. Indeed, it's rumoured that the game took more money than the film itself. An early exponent of sub-games based on key cinematic scenes - later to become the standard (and extremely tired) method of movie-conversion - the game was a genre-shaping release.

The Sentinel


Although Geoff Crammond’s name is mostly associated with a series of splendid driving simulations, one of his titles stands apart. Alone. On a hilltop. Watching. Its name: The Sentinel. A unique experience, even for an era where that term could be liberally applied, and one which divided players on its release--a sure sign of something a bit different.

Star Wars

The Force is strong with this one.

The transition from child to adulthood brings important changes. Take the Star Wars arcade machine (shush, it counts as important); almost twenty five years on it remains a brilliant experience, but the sit-down version now seems so small. In order to get comfortably seated, grown-up legs have to dangle outside the cockpit, creating a somewhat unorthodox flying style. Don't worry about that though, just pretend you're some kind of maverick super-ace.