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Game of the Year 2000

UK 0wn France - we have proof

Can we please go to bed now?

UK Team Victorious!

They were just playing with us...

UK Team cliffhanger

They're still alive ... but only just.

UK v France - GAME ON!

The French can hide no longer as they finally face their destiny...

What with Doom 3 and Gray Matter's re-make of Wolfenstein 3D on the cards, it's often easy to forget that the next release from id Software will be the Team Arena Quake 3 add-on pack. With luck Team Arena will bring the sparkle back into playing Quake 3 teamplay. The original Quake 3 suffered from a lacklustre Capture-the-Flag mode and precious little else for team players. Bobby Pavlock, of fellow developer Rogue Entertainment certainly believes it will be worth a play or thousand. He's updated his .plan with a highly excitable message of praise for Team Arena after an intense beta-test session at id HQ: "All I can say is "WOW!" That is by far some of the most fun I've had in a long, long time. The new maps are sweet, of course. But what really rocks the gameplay are the new powerups, weapons, items, and gameplay types. Man, oh man! The chaingun is, how can I put it... BADASS! When you're firing that thing it feels like you're carrying around a big 30MM gun from an A-10 and chopping people into pieces..." That's, err .. great, Bobby (we think). Anyway, look out for Team Arena. id's official release date is, of course, "when it's done". Publisher pressure being what it is, and with Doom 3 being potentially still a long way off however, we'd bet on Christmas for this little bundle of evil, corruptive influences to hit the high street.

Standings at the end of Day 1 of the Barrysworld European Quake 3 Championships look like this: The biggest upset today was perhaps Russia's defeat of England - the only game of the day to go to 3 rounds and securing Russia a place in the next round. Sweden continue to dominate the first group - their first challenge comes in the face of Germany tomorrow. The game to look forward to must be England vs. Finland - only the winner may go through. Full BWEC coverage can be found at Quake Nation and XSReality

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Age of Empires II: The Conquerors reviewed on Exxtreme3D Squaresoft's Legend of Mana reviewed on GameCritics

The highly-anticipated Rocket Arena 3 mod for Quake 3: Arena has finally been released! A few last-minute technical problems (who pulled the power cord out of the web server?) meant the release was delayed by a few minutes, but now you can finally find out whether it was worth waiting for. For the uninitiated, Rocket Arena is a uniquely frenzied type of deathmatch modification - players spawn with a full complement of guns and ammunition meaning individual rounds are often short and deadly. Rocket Arena 3 looks to be a fully-featured, professionally polished affair. In addition to the hundreds of arenas to play on, this version boasts 4 play modes, a 14-song soundtrack and even a built-in MP3 player! To get your sweaty mitts on the goods, head straight over to our download page now!

, the Korean online gaming organisation announced today their first foray into pro-gaming in the UK kicking off with a big money tournament to be held at the Millenium Dome. The tournament is intended to promote the British Internet Game League, an on-line ranking system similar to the Korean and American versions already launched. According to the (currently broken) sign-up page the games supported will be the pro-gaming mainstays Quake III: Arena and Unreal Tournament, as well as Age of Empires II and FIFA 2000. Bizarrely, a Tekken Tag competition will also take place there, presumably for those poor people without PCs. The total prize fund for the tournament is a whopping £15,000, and the event is being sponsored by Barrysworld and Samsung. In addition to the filthy lucre, first prize winners will be flown to the World Cyber Game Challenge to be held in Seoul, Korea on the 15th of October. Find out more here, or read the press release for the full gen.

The finals of the Razer CPL qualifier being run all day today at The Playing Fields in London have just finished. [UNR]Blokey defeats [UNR]Luke 18-7. Congratulations to [UNR]Blokey who will be flown to the RazerCPL $100,000 tournament in Dallas, Texas with £1,000 spending money. [UNR]Luke will take home £250 for being second place, with [EED]Billox the recipient of £125 and third place.

The losers' bracket finals have just finished with [UNR]Luke defeating Quakeadelica champ [EED]Billox 9-4. The finals will be played between [UNR]Blokey, so far undefeated in each round, and [UNR]Luke. This means that our three favourites, all members of the UK Quake 2 team, will be placed in the top three positions. Expect the final result as soon as we get it. Match reports and links to demos will be up as soon as possible after the final.

by the roving reporters over at Barrysworld. Our man on the scene, Gestalt, is compiling the match reports to be posted later on in the evening so keep your browsers pointed this way!

With our illustrious editor Gestalt currently making the gruelling trip to Liverpool to rave it up in fine style at the Cream New Year's Bash (he's a big Fat Boy Slim fan you know), it leaves it to me, the only one left in EuroGamer HQ to wish you and all our readers a very Happy New Year. Please don't let technicalities like the next millenium not actually starting until 2001 prevent you from enjoying whatever you are doing tonight- whether its taking part in a WAN Party or dancing the night away like John. While I'm frantically backing up files, installing Norton Anti-Virus software, loading my rifle and peddling our bicycle-based electricity generator, I'd like to thank you for your kind patronage to our site this year. Hold on to your hats- here comes the Will-excuse me, Year 2K! All the best for 2000.... and beyond, The Eurogamer Staff.

The Official Counter-Strike Website has version beta 5 of its Windows Countrer-Strike client available for download. A new weapon and a selection of new maps are ripe for the pickin' for this already excellent Half-Life mod.

The UK Team has drawn first blood here at the LAN Arena 3, defeating one of France's top clans, Bn, in a four-a-side friendly on Q2DM1. Check our report on the match for the full scoop, as well as a demo of the action now available for download. We'll be bringing you more news from Paris as it happens, so keep your browser pointed this way!

If anything appears a bit screwy over the next few hours, its just our technical team working round-the-clock to bring you our fresh new design. Sorry for any inconvenience (we picked a time most of you Europeans would be tucked up in bed of course!)