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Mike Cook


Mike is an AI researcher and game designer from the UK. He's the creator of the game-designing AI ANGELINA, and the founder of the Procedural Generation Jam. There is not a single hero in Dota 2 he will not try to play as a support.

On 5th August, five expert Dota 2 players sat down to play against a team of bots created by non-profit research lab OpenAI. They lost decisively. Just a few days from now that same team of bots, perhaps with the benefit of a few more weeks of training, will appear on stage at the biggest tournament in Dota 2 - The International - and play against a team of the world's best professional players. Winning there that would be a huge victory, a milestone for both AI and the games industry, and after seeing the bots' performance earlier this month it seems like the most likely outcome. You might be forgiven for feeling like this was the end of an era for game AI as we know it.