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Quinns has been writing about games for a decade. If you see him online, please be gentle. He'll be using a shotgun no matter the circumstances and will not be very good.

Review | Cosmic Encounter review

Great fun with the original space oddity.

Review | Talisman: Digital Edition review

Stop the game, I want to get off.

Review | Rampage review

A lot of hot air.

Recommended | Nidhogg review

The artist's debut épée.

Review | Mage Wars review

The world's best staff meeting.

Review | Fiasco review

Criminally good fun.

Review | Dota 2 review

Definitely MOBA.

Review | Android: Netrunner review

The most fun you can have with your power off.

Review | Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy review

In space, no one can hear you scheme.

Review | Skull & Roses review

Lies, damned lies and... no, that's it.

Review | Uncharted: Fight for Fortune review

Gaming's favourite chancer gets carded.

Review | Guardians of Middle-earth review

When two towers just aren't enough.

Review | Gateways review

I'm making a note here: MODERATE SUCCESS.

Review | APB Reloaded Review

Arrested developments?

Review | Alice: Madness Returns

Stuff it back down the rabbit hole.

Review | Dungeons

Underground wail road.

Review | Breach

Break time.

Review | Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Thanks for the memories.

Review | Tow Truck Simulator

A hard shoulder to cry on.

Review | Allods Online

The Astral plain.

Review | Silent Hunter 5

Das booted off the server.

Review | Global Agenda

Cyber punk, or future perfect?

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