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Richard Leadbetter

Technology Editor, Digital Foundry

Rich has been a games journalist since the days of 16-bit and specialises in technical analysis. He's commonly known around Eurogamer as the Blacksmith of the Future.

FeatureThe big interview: Phil Harrison and Majd Bakar on Google Stadia

How a global megacorp aims to change gaming forever.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Destiny 2 and Bungie's return to PC gaming

How Bungie's engine evolved for the sequel, and why the game runs so well on PC.

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A Digital Foundry deep dive on the making of Microsoft's latest console.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Doom

How id software created the best-looking 60fps game of the generation so far.

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Bluepoint Games discusses PS4's finest remaster with Digital Foundry.

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Digital Foundry talks in depth with The Coalition on the ambitious remake and what to expect from the DX12 PC version.

Digital FoundrySony and the future of VR

Digital Foundry talks Morpheus with Sony's Shuhei Yoshida and Richard Marks.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry: Hands-on with Sony's near-final Project Morpheus

Impressions from Sony's GDC 2015 presentation, and London Studio's new Heist demo.

Digital FoundryMetro Redux: what it's really like to develop for PS4 and Xbox One

Frank discussion with 4A Games about the new wave of consoles.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Trials Fusion

Digital Foundry vs RedLynx in an extensive multi-platform Q&A.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Titanfall on Xbox 360

Digital Foundry talks to Bluepoint Games on how the Respawn epic made its way onto last-gen hardware.

Digital FoundryTitanfall tech interview

Digital Foundry talks with Respawn about the cloud, the beta, the day-one patch and more.

Digital FoundryCarmack, Sweeney and Andersson Unplugged

The big three rendering architects effectively did an AMA at the G-Sync launch. Here's the transcript.

Digital FoundryCrytek: the next generation

Digital Foundry talks CryEngine, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Ryse with Cevat Yerli.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs. Respawn: the Titanfall interview

Xbox One, the cloud, the Source Engine - and the 1080p60 question.

Digital FoundryCerny Computer Entertainment

Digital Foundry face to face with PS4 chief architect Mark Cerny.

Digital FoundryInside Metro: Last Light

Digital Foundry vs. 4A's Oles Shishkovstov on technological innovation, PlayStation 3 and the incredible potential of the next-gen consoles.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Trials Evolution

The making of RedLynx's latest Xbox 360 classic.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: WipEout 2048

Studio Liverpool on the making of Vita's finest racing game.

Digital FoundryThe Making of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD

The inside story behind the superb PS3 remake.

Digital FoundryRage: The Return of id Software

Catching up with Tim Willits at the Eurogamer Expo.

Digital FoundryPSN: The Security Scandal

"One of the biggest security breaches of the internet age."

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Halo: Reach

An exclusive, in-depth chat with Bungie on the making of Reach.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: LucasArts' frame-rate upscaler

Digital Foundry talks in-depth with creator of the 60FPS "miracle" tech.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Social network king.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Digital Foundry visits the tech leads in Guildford for the inside story.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: PlayStation Move

Digital Foundry vs. Dr Richard Marks.

Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape, Joy Ride.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: LittleBigPlanet 2

Alex Evans on building a platform for games.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Blur

Tech wizards Steven Tovey and Charlie Birtwistle bring Bizarre's latest into focus.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs. iPad

The next big small thing dissected.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Split/Second

Digital Foundry gets technical with tech director David Jefferies.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Metro 2033

Oles Shishkovstov on engine development, platform strengths and 4A's design philosophy.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: PlayStation 3D

Evolution Studios on how Sony is building a 3D future for gaming.

Digital FoundryPlayStation 3D

Today MotorStorm, tomorrow the Holodeck?

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Trials HD

Sebastian Aaltonen and Antti Ilvessuo discuss the technology behind this year's top XBLA game.

Digital FoundryXbox 360 summer dashboard update

All the hidden bonuses in the new upgrade revealed.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: WipEout HD/Fury

Studio Liverpool on re-igniting the 1080p dream.

Digital FoundryThe Criterion Tech Interview: Part Two

The conclusion of the epic Digital Foundry vs Criterion technology interview.

Digital FoundryThe Criterion Tech Interview: Part One

Meet the team behind Burnout's engine evolution.

FeatureDeath Tank's Ezra Dreisbach

On Lobotomy, Powerslave and why the Saturn was crap.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

We report on the XBL multiplayer beta.


Rich goes hands-on with the beta - and likes it.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

We go hands-on with the PS3 demo.