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Richard Leadbetter

Technology Editor, Digital Foundry

Rich has been a games journalist since the days of 16-bit and specialises in technical analysis. He's commonly known around Eurogamer as the Blacksmith of the Future.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry seeks video production staff

DF's YouTube plans revealed - and what it means for Eurogamer.

Digital FoundryPS4 developer: Sony mandates Vita Remote Play for all games

UPDATE: Sony confirms: "It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita."

Digital FoundryWatch Call of Duty: Ghosts at 60FPS

See the Xbox One reveal trailer at full frame-rate. Woof.

Digital FoundryWatch Gran Turismo 6 at 60FPS

Polyphony's concept footage the way it was meant to be seen.

Digital Foundry4A details Metro: Last Light tech upgrades

Enhanced performance, anti-aliasing, tessellation… plus Xbox 360 vs. PS3 comparison video.

Digital FoundryIntel unveils Iris - its next-gen graphics tech

On-chip processor targets dedicated GPU gaming performance.

Digital FoundryWii U hardware back-compat penalises PAL gamers

Fewer options, bugged AV outputs - Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundryWii U has 1.24GHz CPU, 550MHz graphics core - report

Team Twiizers/fail0verflow member hints at Wii U hack.

Digital FoundryBlack Ops 2: Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

Preliminary findings from the upcoming Digital Foundry Face-Off.

Digital FoundrySony wields banhammer against PS3 hackers

"Violation of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 system invalidates the consumer's right to access that system."

Digital FoundryPlayStation 3: The Final Hack?

Trouble for Sony as new custom firmware and security keys are released.

Digital FoundryWhat's inside the new PlayStation 3?

Tear-down videos reveal internal secrets of the latest model.

Digital FoundryWorld's first open source controller hits Kickstarter

iControlPad 2 features analogue/digital control plus full QWERTY keyboard.

Digital FoundryAndroid 4.0 coming to Raspberry Pi

Ice Cream Sandwich arrives next month.

Digital FoundryMicrosoft applies for scalable console patent

Docs link to "Xbox 720" leak and could point to an evolving next-gen platform.

Digital FoundryIn Theory: How The Cloud Could Run Backwards-Compatible PlayStation Games

Are older titles a better match for current limitations in cloud tech? Digital Foundry investigates.

Digital FoundryMass Effect 3 Demos Analysed

PS3 suffers in frame-rate comparisons.

Digital FoundryMetal Gear Solid: The "Lost" HD Remasters

See how MGS1 and The Twin Snakes look in pristine high-def.

Digital FoundryRaspberry Pi GPU doubles iPhone 4S performance

Incredible gaming potential for $25 open source computer.

Digital FoundryHacked PS3 games running on Vita via Remote Play

Battlefield 3, Batman, Mortal Kombat and more shown in vids.

Digital FoundryNew 360 dash borks video playback

Digital Foundry investigates washed-out video issue.

Digital FoundryDoes Fallout NV PS3 lag explain Skyrim issues?

Project director provides insight into engine design.

Digital FoundrySkyrim Timelapse: World in Motion

Digital Foundry's latest video epic.

Digital FoundryTexture problems hit Xbox 360 Skyrim

Don't install it to your hard drive.

Digital FoundryWhat if Uncharted 3 ran at 60FPS?

Amazing Sony video shows us how it looks.

Digital FoundryPlayStation 3 hacked again?

PSJailbreak "successor" spotted in Far East.

Digital FoundryIco/Shadow of the Colossus: PS2 vs. PS3

18 minutes of beautiful HD comparison footage.

Digital FoundryWarhammer 40,000: Space Marine demo showdown

Digital Foundry analysis of the PS3/360 demos.

Digital FoundryDemo Analysis: Halo Anniversary

Is the remastered game sub-HD?

Digital FoundryNew PS3s drop HD component support?

Update: Blu-ray movie playback affected.

Digital FoundryUncharted beta gets big content boost

Video and analysis of both new maps.

Digital FoundryIn Theory: PlayStation 4 in 2012

Can Sony's new console really launch next year?

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry seeking contributors

Do you know your MSAA from your MLAA?

Digital FoundryPerformance Analysis: Modern Warfare 3

The reality behind the "locked 60FPS".

Digital FoundryiOS 5 brings gameplay to TVs

Real Racing 2 HD first with AirPlay support.

Digital FoundryIBM teases on Wii U CPU specs

Supercomputer comparisons kick off.

Digital FoundryMetal Gear Solid 3: 3DS vs. PS2

A video comparison using the latest trailer.

Digital FoundryL.A. Noire Timelapse: World in Motion

A beautiful video tour of 1940s Los Angeles.

Digital FoundrySome 360s incompatible with new dash?

Why MS is giving away replacement consoles.

Digital FoundrySource: Xbox new disc format gains 1GB

Big space upgrade for game developers.

Digital FoundryPS3 re-secured with Firmware 3.60?

Hacker says "epic fail" security holes now fixed.

Digital FoundryMicrosoft seeking staff for next-gen Xbox

First official confirmation of a new console?

Digital FoundryDragon Age II demo analysis

Xbox 360 and PS3 code in the spotlight.

Digital FoundryValve: games will detect your feelings

Wants access to "internal state" of players.

Digital Foundry3D in Crysis 2 demo not actually 3D

Crytek says full game does it properly.

Digital FoundrySecret level in Crysis 2 demo

Crytek sneaks out new map to select few.

Digital FoundrySony to Geohot: See you in court

Fail0verflow hackers also targeted.

Digital FoundryIn Theory: Will Sony ban PSN Jailbreakers?

Is PS3 online gaming threatened by hackers?

Digital FoundryPlayStation Phone: spec analysis

DF appraises the leaked hardware details.

Digital FoundryFirst PS3 custom firmware arrives

Pirates locked out of homebrew release.

Digital FoundrySSD halves GT5 loading times

Solid state tech gets you racing faster.

Digital FoundryGT5 Prologue secret options revealed

Instantly drive any car in the game.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo Evolution

A video journey from GT1 to GT5.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Installation Analysis

How it works and why it should be better.

Digital FoundryMaking Tracks in Gran Turismo 5

Analysis of the Course Maker.

Digital FoundryHot Pursuit cuts pad lag to new lows

Is NFS the most responsive game this gen?

Digital FoundryHacked Kinect running on PC?

Open source drivers in development.

Digital FoundryFallout: New Vegas - World in Motion

Digital Foundry's latest time-lapse video showcase.

Digital FoundryKillzone 3 pad lag measured

Guerrilla makes good on latency claims.

Digital FoundryKinect dash leads anti-piracy charge

Illegal Fable III copies left unplayable.

Digital FoundryBioShock Infinite revolutionises UE3

Radical upgrades added to Epic tech.

Digital FoundryLucas explains Force Unleashed II tech

"Almost identical on both platforms."

Digital FoundryMedal of Honor blocks PSJailbreak

Anti-piracy measures lock-out piracy.

Digital FoundryTriOviz 3D joins Unreal Engine 3

But no word on Gears of War 3 3D.

Digital FoundryEnslaved PS3/360 demo showdown

First public release code put to the test.

Digital FoundryNintendo 3DS tech spec exploration

Whatever happened to the NVIDIA "DS2"?

Digital FoundrySony's PS2 adaptor patent explored

Is this how back-compat returns to PS3?

Digital FoundryCapcom showcases Resi 3DS tech

Scaled-down PS3/360 engine behind it.

Digital FoundryProject Sword wows on iOS devices

Direct feed vid of iPhone UE3 demo.

Digital FoundryVanquish demo showdown

Platinum targets PS3 as lead platform.

Digital FoundryOpen source PSJailbreak released

"Ethical" hack loses piracy bits.

Digital FoundryHackers may have cracked PS3

Does "PSJailbreak" herald PS3 piracy?

Digital FoundryHow DICE collaborated on Need for Speed's game world

Battlefield devs join Criterion on Hot Pursuit.

Digital FoundrySony Ericsson to launch PSP Phone?

Android-powered with joypad-style controls.

Digital FoundryGuerrilla cuts Killzone pad lag

Accel, dead zone, latency improvement.

Digital FoundryRed Dead Redemption: World in Motion

Time-lapse footage of Rockstar's western opus.

Digital FoundryOnLive Latency: The Reckoning

Can Cloud gaming really compete with PC and console response?

Digital FoundryKane & Lynch 2 targets 60FPS

Full analysis of limited release 360 demo.

Digital FoundryKinect tech spec finally revealed

Retailer reveals details, implications.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs. MOH beta

DICE answers the Call of Duty.

Nintendo 3DS graphics chip revealed

DMP PICA200 powers new handheld.

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