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Arshiya Khullar


Arshiya Khullar is a award-winning Hong Kong-based reporter. Her stories on business and political events have previously been published on Quartz, CNN.com and Lloyd’s List. If not poring over financial statements, Arshiya can be found snapping sunset photographs and creating radio documentaries. Follow her on Twitter @arshiyakhullar

FeatureDecoding Shenzhen: The Chinese city that makes the world's tech

"Someone comes up with an idea, and two weeks later it is in the market."

Imagine a future in which you are a computer engineer who has just been offered a job at a Shenzhen-headquartered electronics company to assemble circuits and write codes for devices. On reaching one of China's wealthiest cities, you get a welcome email from your employer with details about your new colleagues, work profile, as well as Shenzhen's weather, air quality, temperature and drone activity.