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Mike writes about games. Sometimes he plays them. He lives by the sea. He is yet to drown in it.

FeatureRevisiting Nintendo's novelty pop hit

Funk soul Super Smash Brothers.

The name Simon Harris has meant many different things to many different people, since the musician and producer began his career as a club promoter in London in the early 1980s. In 1986 he co-founded the Music of Life label - home to material by Paul Oakenfold, Norman Cook Fatboy Slim and Afrika Bambaataa - and in 1988 released the Public Enemy-sampling hit single 'Bass (How Low Can You Go)' under his own name. Harris has remixed countless artists, from Prince to Elvis Presley, and produced several breakbeat collections.

FeatureWhy the Switch is Nintendo's truest Family Computer

Six months in, the Switch is bringing us together.

I'm 200 miles from home, holidaying in a part of Devon with no phone signal, barely any roads of sensible passing width, and two moaning, groaning children in tow. It's hammering it down outside, ponds forming on driveways - the very epitome of a British summer's day. The DVD collection available is a lot of seen-its. My Neighbor Totoro fills a pocket of the day, alleviating some of the boredom. But man, it's grim out there. No sandcastles at the beach today, kids.