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Vic is a news reporter for Eurogamer. She was an intern but wouldn't leave, so we were forced to keep her like a stray cat. Often found writing news, trying to convince others to appreciate The Sims or spamming PUBG articles.

Skate 3 to be enhanced for Xbox One X

Alongside Mirror's Edge and Gears of War 3.

Three more Xbox 360 classics will be enhanced for Xbox One X including Skate 3, Mirror's Edge, and Gears of War 3, Microsoft has announced.

There's a nostalgic euphoria I associate with the sound of crunching snow. It reminds me of childhood winters wrapped up in scratchy scarves and impractical mittens, trudging through Irish fields, white as the eye could see and making that first welly-boot footprint in an untouched blanket of glistening snow.

What we learnt from Blizzcon's Overwatch Archives panel

Including the Jetpack Cat that never was.

Overwatch fans learnt quite a lot from this year's Blizzcon announcements. We now know the story behind Reinhardt's scarred eye, that we will soon be seeing a new support hero and map and that Jeff Kaplan continues to be the nicest man in games development. But at the Overwatch Archives panel the team shared even more behind the scenes information, including a look at the game in early development and ideas left on the cutting room floor.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds dev introducing tougher anti-hacker measures

"We would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by the cheaters."

The team behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has apologised for "the inconvenience caused by the cheaters" and assured fans of the hot Battle Royale title the "development team is doing their best to detect and ban those who use cheats in a more proactive manner".

In recent weeks Eurogamer has closely followed the debate surrounding video game loot boxes and in-game gambling. We've investigated the legislation around the issue, reported on the government's response to direct questioning and investigated how developers could react to stricter regulation. But what about the people who actually spend money on loot boxes?

Online petition forces government response to loot boxes

Labour MP asks Secretary of State for in-game gambling response.

A petition calling for gambling laws to be adapted to include video games with gambling mechanics has passed the 10k signatures needed to warrant a response from the UK government.