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Multiplayer mode announced for HAWX 2

Never bring a cat to a dogfight.

The Sims 3 gets late night expansion

Hot-tubs, but no time machines.

Sonic Adventure coming to XBLA and PSN?

Best-selling Dreamcast title rated by ESRB.

Monster Hunter isn't hardcore - creators

At least not as far as Japan's concerned.

JAW dates Gravity Crash for PSN

Mystery iPhone and retro titles also on cards.

AVP Alien campaign, multi detailed

Xenomorph impressions inside.

SingStar and Audi action for PS Home

Now downloaded over 7.5 million times.

Sony announces digital reader for PSP

Begins with comics, more later.

E3: Assassin's Creed 2 connects to PSP ver

PSP version also out this year.

E3: Sony motion controller revealed

Purple-headed wand, 1:1 action.

E3: Resident Evil coming to PSP

Brand new story on handheld.

E3: Gran Turismo PSP in October

Demoed and dated in Sony conference.

E3: Iwata shows Wii Vitality Sensor

Aims to relax rather than excite.

E3: Super Mario Galaxy 2 announced

Out 2010. Has Yoshi.

E3: Wii Fit Plus announced

New exercises, games, custom routines.

E3: New Metal Gear confirmed for 360

Kojima burns down the rumour mill.

E3: 360 getting Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm

"A 14-year-old racist just killed me."

E3: Forza 3 officially unveiled

To feature 400 cars and 50 marques.

E3: Final Fantasy XIII 360 in spring

Game shown at MS conference.

Dragon Age boss leaves for Disney

Dan Tudge to helm Propaganda projects.

Atari fixes RACE Pro bugs

Pit stop tweaks single- and multiplayer.

PC, PS2 not getting NHL 10?

No profit to be had, apparently.

New FPS will also be film, comic

Blacklight snapped up for franchising.

Sway 1.1 adds new levels, characters

Popular young iPhone game updated.

Secret Agent Clank coming to PS2

Sanzaru Games porting PSP title.

Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 "next year"

Capcom sequels belong to 2010.

Vin Diesel producing Hannibal MMO

Carthaginian RPG is his "dream game".

SimBin announces PC-only Race On

Available as standalone and expansion.

Jungle Speed, Table Tennis on WiiWare

Plus Lonpos downloadable content.

Resi 5 'Versus' modes announced

Two competitive MP modes as premium DLC.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 unveiled

Golf! Weather! Lynchings! More golf!

Battlestations: Pacific gets release date

It's out over here in May.

Ross accidentally announces Fable III

UK broadcaster blurts news on Twitter.

MadWorld release upsets moralists

NIMF registers disappointment.

Battleforge open beta begins

Card-shuffling, RTS free-for-all.

COD5 XP boost, UT3 Black free weekend

UT bundle includes Titan Pack access.

Codename Panzers MP demo available

Hold me closer shiny Panzer.

Washington State honours Penny Arcade

Bill passed in honour of founders.

Klonoa Wii remake confirmed for Europe

Platform charmer available this year.

Three brand new demos on Xbox Live

Wanted! Wheelman! Wrestlemania! Wow.

Burnout Paradise Toy Pack on Thursday

Keep them off the stairs.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Mission Pack going cheap

Save a third with XBLA Deal of the Week.

Konami unveils new PSP game bundles

Get Metal Gear plus one other for 20 quid.

UMD is definitely dying, says David Perry

Calls Sony out on digital download-only PSP.

Red Resi 360 pad available separately

Uses the old directional pad, though.

Marvelous considers going hardcore

No More Heroes pub looks to 360/PS3.

SFIV PC could be here this summer

Capcom remains non-committal.

Midway hawking Mortal Kombat rights

Bankruptcy blow could be a fatality.

Empire: Total War gets March date

To hit stores on 4th, Steam on 3rd.

Godfather II date nailed down

Mobster-themed sequel arriving in February.

Fable II DLC coming next week

Knothole Island date confirmed, again.

Independent Games Festival finalists

PixelJunk Eden, Zeno Clash, Maw, more.

European date set for Disgaea 3

New publishers Square-Enix name the day.

Skate 2 demo on Xbox Live tomorrow

PSN version to follow a week later.

EA announces Football Academy for DS

Test your soccer skills with mini-games.

Capcom reveals more release dates

Dead Rising and MotoGP Wii in diary.

Castle Crashers tops XBLA chart for '08

Halo 3 takes multiplayer crown.

Fable II reveal delayed

Curtains to be drawn Monday 24th.

Wii browser update in the pipeline

Opera to get a facelift in December.

Capcom publish millionaires club list

Proof that SNES > Megadrive.

Big Fable II announcement next week

Dev blog post sparks DLC rumours.

Next PS3, PSP firmware updates detailed

Sony adds new features for all.

Turbine opens new West Coast studio

LOTRO curators hire Flagship, Blizzard staff.

Richard Garriott fired into space

Voluntarily, of course.

New Final Fantasy game for Wii and DS

It's for real, confirms Square Enix.

Blizzard awarded USD 6m in damages

Glider bot's MDY given the bum rush.

Call of Duty 5 gets Euro date, beta

PC and 360 tests to open in October.

Microsoft reduces DLC prices

Up to 60 per cent off certain bundles.

Radical Entertainment staff levels slashed

Nearly half of employees to go.

Roadrunner Records tracks for Rock Band

Six new reasons for neighbours to hate you.

Future C&C beta key in Red Alert 3

Premier Edition treat.

PS3 Buzz patched with Trophies

Points mean prizes!

Four more characters for MK vs. DC

The Joker, Kitana, Jax and Green Lantern.

Nintendo shows Wii Sports sequel

Resort is "literally a day at the beach".

Nintendo unveils Animal Crossing Wii

Due this year, uses WiiSpeak.

New 360 dashboard and avatars in autumn

Sexy new front-end with new functions.

Fallout 3 DLC exclusive to 360/PC

Bethesda planning "extensive" support.

Rumours swirl around new Ubisoft project

Jade Raymond producing I Am Alive?

Chili Peppers and Rush for Rock Band

And Vesuvius, but it wouldn't fit.

Ignition turns for Unreal Engine

Reports of hand holding and mild petting.

Digital Extremes onboard for BioShock PS3

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Top Spin 3 demo available now

Alastair Campbell not available for comment.

Kaz Hirai demos 'Life with PlayStation'

Weather and news channel for PS3.

Countdown to mystery Sony game begins

Could be sequel to PSP dungeon crawler.

THQ reveals UFC 2009: Undisputed details

MMA fighter already in training.

Full Guitar Hero: Aerosmith tracklisting

The Clash, The Cult, Run D.M.C., more.

Kingdom of Loathing expands

Hobopolis adds actual raid dungeon.

COD5 video premiere approaching

Exclusively live on Marketplace this weekend.

LostWinds tops WiiWare chart

Blows raspberries in faces of others.

Another Wii fitness game shows up

Some hard US celebrity hosting it.

Neverwinter Nights 2 expands again

Storm of Zehir on horizon.

Warhawk Combo pack on its way

Like a KFC variety meal with explosions.

Next Tenchu title to be Wii exclusive

Nunchuk could be used as nunchuk!

IGA takes charge of PS3 in-game ads

EA first name on the list.