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VideoPortal 2 gameplay footage

Looks like GLaDOS has learned a few new tricks.

VideoNaughty Bear's multiplayer

There's stuffing everywhere!

VideoDead Rising 2: Case Zero

DLC prologue for Capcom's zombie sequel.

VideoSearch for your imagination in LEGO Universe

NetDevil's brick-building MMO at E3.

VideoThe art styles of Rayman Origins

The limbless one returns, for some very pretty adventures.

VideoTrine 2 gets teased

Puzzle solving platformer receives a sequel.

VideoGran Turismo 5 gameplay footage

B-roll footage of the hibernating racer in action.

VideoTrailer and gameplay for Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Odd couple adventuring from Namco-Bandai.

VideoUsing Move in SOCOM 4

Motion controlled Homeland Security.

VideoLionheart: Kings' Crusade soldiers on

King Richard goes to war.

VideoGothic 4: Arcania coming to PC and consoles

Fantasy series hitting 360/PS3 for the first time.

VideoMass Effect 2: Overlord DLC

A VI breakout threatens the galaxy. Also: Hovertank!

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood's campaign explained

Singleplayer footage as Ezio defends his villa.

VideoFinal Fantasy XIV benchmarked

Five minutes of the FF MMO.

VideoThe crashes of Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo's shiny vehicles finally pick up some dents.

VideoCivilization V detailed

Modding community gets its recognition.

VideoAll the drama of Blacklight: Tango Down

New world order meets zombie terror.

VideoEpic Mickey - Behind the scenes

See what makes the mouse tick.

VideoTime Crisis: Razing Storm coming to Move

Please don't ever play it like this.

VideoNew Killzone 3 gameplay

More from the Frozen Shores level.

VideoHalo: Reach's firefight mode

Team up and dig in - the Covenant will keep coming.

VideoCastlevania: Lords of Shadow lives in a castle

And it's a bigger castle than yours.

VideoHeavy Rain: Move Edition

As if it wasn't harrowing enough.

VideoEyePet Move Edition trailer

Cat-monkey gets 1:1 motion-control.

VideoOkamiden is looking lovely today

Cuter than a sack of clown-puppies.

VideoPatapon 3 is confirmed

Don't you just love these little guys?

VideoKung Fu Rider is a very odd concept

Can't imagine the marketing pitch for this one.

VideoSingstar Dance ups the humiliation potential

And it was already pretty high, to be honest.

VideoHeroes On The Move announced at E3

Sony's franchise-spanning adventure.

VideoSilent Hill 8 gets its first trailer

Will people never learn?

VideoCrysis 2's E3 trailer explained

Ladies' favourite Cervat Yerli tells all.

VideoSuper Meat Boy is tougher than you

Challenging indie platformer on show.

VideoNHL 11's new features

Broken sticks are a big part of hockey?

VideoMonkey Island 2: Special Edition

LucasArts bring back Guybrush Threepwood again.

VideoMarvel Vs. Capcom 3 fancies a fight

Cross-property beat-'em-up gets a third issue.

VideoStar Wars: The Old Republic gameplay clips

Three sections of BioWare's MMO.

VideoMedal of Honor's singleplayer at E3

EA's COD rival gets a singleplayer movie.

VideoLEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailer

Star Wars spin-off series gets the brick treatment.

Killzone 3 shots

Fresh from L.A.

VideoGears of War 3 gameplay from E3

Marcus and friends as played by Cliffy B.

VideoSecret of Mana coming to iPhone

SNES classic RPG soon to be touchable.

VideoSlick new teaser for Tron Evolution

Disney's reboot taking a shiny new shape.

VideoMeet the heroes of Ninety Nine Nights 2

Battlefield smash-'em-up's stars get profiled.

VideoSpec Ops: The Line takes you to Dubai

Sandy tale of betrayal from Yager.

VideoPixelJunk Shooter 2 delves deeper

Classy 2D blaster moves on.

VideoFat Princess expands

Version 1.06 and its new features.

VideoThe 3rd Birthday from Square-Enix

Mysterious body-swapping shooter on PSP.

VideoGoW: Ghost of Sparta teaser

Every end must have its beginning.

VideoDead Nation b-roll footage

Eerily silent zombie shooting action.

VideoNaruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

There must be more Naruto games than Simpsons episodes by now.

VideoFinal Fantasy XIV is dressed to kill

The new Final Fantasy MMO gets another cinematic.

VideoSly Collection footage from E3

Curiously silent footage of Sly in HD action.

VideoDead Space 2 is still frightening

Isaac Clarke starts to unravel in EA's sequel.

VideoHot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip for PSP

Tiny tennis fans rejoice.

VideoPortal 2 unveiled at Sony's E3 conf

The lack of announcement is a lie.

VideoBattles, building and play in LEGO Universe

How can you destroy something so cute?

VideoGoldenEye 007 briefing

Basement. Pistols. One. Shot. Kills.

VideoPokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Nintendo's super-series strikes again.

VideoKirby's Epic Yarn is in stitches

Can't wait to see the thread on this one.

VideoDonkey Kong Country Returns announcement trailer

The big swinger's back on the Wii.

VideoDisney's Epic Mickey

Warren Spector's new project goes under the brush.

VideoSplatterhouse gameplay footage

Two minutes of gore-splattered action.

VideoDead Rising 2 - Cash me if you can

One of Dead Rising 2's little distractions.

VideoKid Icarus: Uprising comes to 3DS

NES hero gets a new dimension.

VideoTest Drive Unlimited 2 is in gear

Atari's free-roam driver revs up.

VideoKnight's Contract looks sharp

Fantasy brawler from Namco Bandai.

VideoProfessor Layton and the Unwound Future

Because everyone has love for the professor.

VideoMario Sports Mix unveiled at E3

Quite talented for a fat plumber, really.

VideoGolden Sun: Dark Dawn at E3

Another Nintendo classic rebooted.