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VideoAtari bringing back Haunted House

Spooky reboot out in September.

VideoJagex announces Stellar Dawn

Details still under wraps for new MMO.

VideoAssassin's Creed comic in production

Soviet adventure based around events at Tunguska.

VideoMedal of Honor limited edition trailer

Early shotguns and exclusive access to the MP7.

VideoDeath in Killzone 3 is cinematic

Make those Helghast dance. Or explode.

VideoKane & Lynch focus on the job

A motivational team talk the K&L way.

VideoYakuza: New Chapter Black Panther on PSP

Handheld iteration of SEGA's gangster saga.


Smack my witch up.

VideoGod Eater: Burst dated for 2011

Enhanced version of the MH-alike for Europe.

VideoOur first look at PES 2011

Messi gameplay and menus.

VideoEtrian Odyssey: The Drowned City

Unforgiving Atlus dungeon crawler gets a third game.

VideoThe environments of Test Drive Unlimited 2

Atari's open-world driving game takes shape.

VideoGuitar Hero: Warriors of Rock wields axe

Customisable guitars and Dire Straits? Yes please.

VideoMadden NFL - AFC West trailer

No idea what AFC west is, but there's a man called Norv in it.

VideoCaring for your pet in Runes of Magic

It takes more than a brush and regular exercise.

VideoFive ways to survive in Global Agenda

The future's not a friendly place.

VideoArt imitates life in UFC 2010

UFC 116: Lesnar Vs. Carwin recreated.

VideoH.A.W.X. 2 is cleared hot

Clancy takes to the skies once more.

VideoGoW: Ghost of Sparta pushing the PSP

Kratos takes Sony's handheld to town.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down

Launching in 3, 2... Oh, it's out.

VideoMetroid Other M - Behind the scenes

Not much use unless you speak Japanese, but hey, you might.

VideoSingStar Summer update

Your neighbours are going to love you.

VideoThe Last Story gets its first trailer

A very Japanese adventure.

VideoBlade Kitten is all about pink and sharp edges

Cutesy anime swordplay from Atari.

Moonbase Alpha

Science fare.

VideoLegendary Champions trailer

So, Beowulf had a chainsaw. Who knew?

VideoTest Drive Unlimited 2 is covered in glam

All of these girls are avid fans. Not paid at all.

VideoTwo new trailers for Gran Turismo 5

Just in case you thought it wasn't ready.

VideoLegendo brings 1941: Red Sun Rising to WiiWare

Protect or destroy the US Navy in Japan's surprise raid.

VideoEight minutes of Crysis 2 details

Including metal feet and washing-up.

VideoA first look at some Fable III gameplay

Swordplay, musketry and a little magic.

VideoSkate 3 DLC - Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream

Who hasn't had a Hawaiian dream? Aren't those embarrassing?

VideoinFamous 2: first gameplay footage

We got chills, they're electrifying.

VideoPortal 2 also has Propulsion gel

An old trick made new.

VideoCliff Bleszinski talks Bulletstorm

"Where'd that giant d*** come from?"

VideoPortal 2 encourages pneumatic diversity

Equal opportunity death by suckage.

VideoPortal 2: Thermal Discouragement

If you can't stand the heat, pick it up and move it.


VideoDeathSpank multiplayer gameplay

Get spanking with friends.

VideoBecome a hero in DeathSpank

More bacon than your average game.

VideoRaving Rabbids Travel in Time is bwaaaaak

Horological horseplay from Ubisoft.

VideoPortal 2's excursion funnels bewilder and delight

"Churning tunnels of liquid asbestos."

VideoJoin Medal of Honor's Wolfpack

If you can't keep up, you don't belong.

VideoPortal 2's Faithplates

Have a little faith in GLaDOS and Aperture.

VideoDragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Song

More DLC details from feisty Orlesian Leliana.

VideoMeet Portal 2's Wheatley

That accent is going to grate.

VideoEnd of Nations invents another new acronym

MMORTS enters the vocabulary.

Naughty Bear

Nursery crime.

VideoMore customisation options in APB

Tweak your world to perfection.

VideoYou can't stop The Signal in Alan Wake

First slice of DLC coming soon.

VideoTransformers: War for Cybertron released

Optimus et al take on the charts.

VideoBrand new footage from Crysis 2

Crytek's cross-platform shooter sequel in motion.

VideoArmA II: Operation Arrowhead - Night Ops

NVGs, IR strobes and thermal imaging technology, all part of a night out.

VideoThe Witcher: Versus

The world's first multiplatform, free MMO.

VideoRage gameplay footage from E3

The first look at Rage in motion.

VideoAPB in all sorts of detail

From how the lobbies work to specific areas.

VideoZombrex: Dead Rising Sun is official

Capcom bringing Dead Rising to the big screen, for free.

VideoEl Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron

Heavenly brawler from Ignition.

VideoSingularity's multiplayer explained

Time-manipulation shooter goes head-to-head.

VideoZombie Cow shows you its Privates

Nudge-nudge wink-wink platformer gets personal.

VideoMadden NFL 11 hits the field

Seriously, these guys are PUMPED.

VideoRisk: Factions lets you nuke cats

And who hasn't wanted to do that?

VideoEA Sports: MMA - Emelianenko Vs. Couture

Two worlds collide in EA's mixed martial arts title.

VideoBionic Commando: Rearmed 2 coming from Capcom

The swinging soldier gets another shot at glory.

VideoChris Taylor's Kings And Castles

They're his, but he'll let you play with them.

VideoWRC is coming back

Rally franchise set to return.

VideoTime Crisis: Razing Storm coming to Move

Arcade light gun shooter gets a port to PS3.

VideoRed Dead: Redemption - Outlaws to the End

New co-op multiplayer DLC for Rockstar's Western.

VideoNaughty Bear is nearly here

If you go down to the woods today...

VideoLost in Shadow coming to Wii

Umbran adventure with a touch of the ICOs about it.

VideoDemon's Souls gets its EU launch trailer

Tougher than average RPG coming to Europe at last.

VideoBFBC2: Onslaught mode launch trailer

New toys for multiplayer in DICE's shooter.

VideoResident Evil: Revelations 3DS trailer

Apparently all rendered, in real time, in the 3DS engine...

VideoACE Team's new game: Rock of Ages

Batty action title from Zeno Clash devs.

VideoCrackdown 2 demo now on XBL

Warm up your citizen protectors for the real deal.

VideoCivilization V - Civaholics anonymous

You know how it is. Just. One. More. Turn.

VideoLEGO Harry Potter years 1-4 gameplay

Harry gets up to magical mischief.

VideoMedal Of Honor MP beta gameplay

Footage of EA's recent online beta.