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Dan Pearson

European Editor

A ten year veteran, Dan joined Eurogamer as a lowly admin in 2006, working his way up to senior reporter before moving over to GamesIndustry.biz in 2010. He covers all areas of the business, but has a particular passion for indies and new technologies. He spends much of the rest of his time killing dwarves in poorly constructed fortresses. His dog is brilliant.

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Eurogamer.net Podcast #122: 1986-1992 A History

Two old men alone with their memories.

Ah, the past. Do you remember that? No, not that bit, the bit slightly before that - when ice lollies had jokes on the stick and people used phone boxes to make phone calls rather than taking drugs and urinating.

Eurogamer.net Podcast #63

Marvel! Tremble! Quibble!

It's not that Champ couldn't find anyone better than James Grant and myself to be on the podcast this week, it just so happened that we were the last people he asked. Also, nobody else would do it. Bench-warmers of the world, unite!


Give us a wave.

Hands up who's seen the (original) Poseidon Adventure? It's about a boat having a bad day, and it traumatised me, combining latent fears of confinement, deep water and Gene Hackman into one package. Every family holiday that involved a ferry was soon tinged with trepidation.

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