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FeatureSBK-07: Superbike World Championship 2007

Milestone gets back in the saddle.

The World Superbikes series may not be as familiar to gamers as MotoGP, but at times the production-based series has arguably been more popular, particularly in Britain with home-grown champions Carl Fogarty (1994, 1995, 1998, 1999), Neil Hodgson (2003) and James Toseland (2004), riding bikes based on those in showrooms, but with around 200mph top speeds, around 210bhp, and up-rated suspension, brakes and engine parts.

Formula One '06

The same winning formula.

There are always things you can rely on in life. Michael Schumacher on the winner's podium, and an annual Formula One game from Sony. But although interest in F1 videogames continues to tumble from their peak ten years ago (when, incredibly, Psygnosis' F1 game was the biggest all format seller in the UK in the entire year), the quality of these often overlooked games remains as high as ever.

Superbikes Riding Challenge

Gives Tourist Trophy a run for its money.

Making, and indeed reviewing, a motorcycle game is always a tricky business. On the one hand, you've got bikers who want an accurate representation of their hobby, which despite its tearaway reputation involves a lot more thought, skill and effort than driving a car. And on the other, you've got gamers, who are more acquainted with car games and Super Hang-On than the delicate physics of bike riding. Understandably, they want to get on and have fun without actually learning to ride a bike before they can play.