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Keza MacDonald


Keza is the Guardian's video games editor. Previously she has been the UK editor for Kotaku and IGN, and a Eurogamer contributor.

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Feature | Tough Love: On Dark Souls' Difficulty

An extract from You Died: The Dark Souls Companion

Feature | The Making of El Shaddai

How the most stratospherically mad game of the year came into being.

Feature | Disney Universe

A whole new world.

Feature | Grasshopper's Suda51

On Shadows of the Damned and more.

Feature | The Master of Synaesthesia

Tetsuya Miziguchi on Child of Eden and beyond.

Review | Patapon 3

The rhythm of war.

Review | Rayman 3D

Back to the future.

Review | de Blob 2

de Blightful.

Review | Lord of Arcana

Arcana believe it.

Review | Mario Sports Mix

Extreme Peach Volleyball.

Review | DanceEvolution

Comedy routine.

Feature | Why I Hate... The Saboteur

"Like setting a rom-com in late-sixties Vietnam."

Review | The Sims 3

Little console people.

Review | Kinect Joy Ride

Less joy than advertised.

Review | DJ Hero 2

Two many DJs.


Wolf parade.

Sonic Free Riders

The least dignified game demo of my life.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Too big for its dragon-leather boots.

Sony unveils rejigged Monster Hunter PSP

Features new analogue stick, speakers, grips.


It's a kind of magic.

Virtua Tennis 4

How Move and 3D change the game.

Dead Rising 2

Apocalypse new.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Whipping up a storm.

DJ Hero 2

Mixing it up?

Nintendo 3DS Roundup

Nintendogs and Cats, Pilotwings and Hollywood 61.

Review | Mabinogi

When Korean MMO and Welsh mythology meet.

Sonic Colours

Back to black?


We were promised jet-slides.

Review | Games for Android

Ten picks for Google OS.

Feature | Souls Survivor

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki discusses the origins and ideology behind From Software's masterpiece.

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