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have posted an article regarding the best mods available for Half-Life, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament (as you probably know there's a plethora of mods out there for those games). This is a very good article if you're not too familiar with the mod scene as 3DAP give you the lowdown on some of the coolest mods for these three games.

Fur Fighter's Conceptual Artist, Jeff Lewis, has given GA-Source details on the engine that will be powering the third-person action/adventure shoot-em-up. Fur Fighter will be published by Acclaim and is scheduled to be released on Sega Dreamcast in Q3 with a PC release in Q4.

ValuSoft, the US publisher for SoftLab-NSK's trucking driving simulation "Hard Truck 2", has informed GA-Source that the title has gone gold and is scheduled to be in stores May 15th for around $20. To find out more about this unique racing title, check out their interview with PR Manager Nikolay Baryshnikov.

3D-Unlimited previews the ATI Radeon 256 graphics card, this card that was announced by ATI yesterday. Extreme Hardware and FiringSquad previews the GeForce2 GTS video card Ars Technica reviews the ABIT KA7 Athlon KX133 Motherboard Active-Hardware.com reviews the MSI K7 Pro motherboard NeoSeeker reviews the 3D COOL Laptop Cooler The Game Den reviews the Monsoon MM-700 speekers GameSpot UK reviews the Voodoo 5 5500 video card BXBoards.com reviews the Tyan Trinity K7 VIA KX133 AGP 4x Mainboard

Just a little quick note before I hit the sack (really tired!), remember that the anticipated Unreal Tournament mod, Strike Force will be released tomorrow (the first beta atleast). Pyromancier, one of the guys behind this mod updated the official website with some information about the first beta, he also mentions that there will be a Mac release but only after the PC release is out. As for Bot Support ; bots are available in Strike Force, but only spawn with a Desert Eagle and play very poorly since they haven't been optimized. Proper Bot support will hopefully make it's way into Beta 2. Be sure to check us out tomorrow for a complete list of mirrors.

have posted some news on Daikatana, which will be shown at E3, for the fourth year in a row (!). Eidos will not be able to ship the oft-delayed shooter before the industry trade show, John Romero also informed Well-Rounded Entertainment that he will be there to promote the game.

I noticed over at Blues that EA has released a new patch (v1.2) for Square's RPG, Final Fantasy VIII. The patch is available in a non-GeForce version and a GeForce version, this patch resolves a rare game crash at the 'Game Over' screen and a problem where the "player's cards for the card game, in some instances, would disappear."

Not gaming related but still very interesting, a new version of the very popular program, ICQ (version 2000a) has been released for public. If you didn't know it, ICQ is a user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. Grab it from the official website and check out the list of "What's New" in this version as well.

Curious about the opinion of some of the top developers in the gaming industry, eUniverse.com asked the simple question of "online gaming, overrated or inevitable future?". They have Director of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford's response in this update, it's a very good-read so be sure that you check this one out.

have posted some more info about the game play modes that will be included in the Quake 3 mission pack. They were fortunate enough to spend a day at id two weeks ago and play with the mission pack, and so today you can read about their experiences with the game modes as well as some more details that they were able to get from id's Graeme Devine.

John Romero of ION Storm updated his .plan file with some solutions to a few technical issues with the recently released Daikatana demo. So I suggest that you read this update if multiplayer is laggy or extremely choppy for you or if you can't run Daikatana with a Voodoo 2.

QAPete of Planet Unreal has let us know that the first beta of the much anticipated Unreal Tournament mod, Strike Force will be released Wednesday, April 26th at 11:00 PM EST. To make us drool even more, Planet Unreal scored two brand new screenshots from this upcoming mod. Be sure to grab this file as soon as possible next week, the size will be between 50 - 80 MB.

Tom "Diabolic" McClure informed us that VRMagazine has a new look, along with a texturing tutorial for creating quality textures to use in mapping for games or other 3D applications. This tutorial should be useful for anyone with Photoshop, be sure to download the VR Texture Pack as well.

Mall of the Sims are giving away a shiny, sparkly, 3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 AGP Video Card as well as Strategy Guides for "The SIMS" and Free memberships to their exclusive VIP Club. You can win either 3D Mark 2000, Soldier Of Fortune or Thief II over at G3D in their latest contest, click here for rules and everything.

Raven Software has released a brand new retail patch for their popular first-person shooter, Soldier of Fortune which have received some "rave" reviews lately (stay tuned for ours). This patch (1 Mb) fixes a lot of things, such as the CTF issue with force join and it also features a re-organized CD copy protection, head on over to 3D Files for a full list of what this patch fixes (be sure to grab it from them as well).

has finally released an official demo of their much anticipated first-person shooter, Daikatana which just went gold (look at the post below this one). You can download this huge demo (102 Mb) from GameSpot, but I assume their server is pretty swamped at the moment, however, expect a few mirrors to pop up very soon.

I just noticed over at VE that according to a news blurb on GameSpot, ION Storm's much anticipated and much delayed first-person shooter, Daikatana has gone gold (sent off for mass duplication). The game will be on store shelves all over the world during the second week of May.

have whipped up an article entitled "It's Hard to be 3D Realms" which discusses the trials involved with being a successful company like 3D Realms and having to delay a game like Duke Nukem Forever. It's a good-read so be sure that you check it out.

have put up three brand new movies of Nihilistic Software's upcoming RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption which is scheduled for a 6/1 release. These movies shows off some awesome in-game action so be sure to grab them all.

have posted the second installment of their guide to Looking Glass Studios recently released first-person shooter, Thief 2: The Metal Age. This installment helps you through mission 3 to mission 6, be sure to check out the first installment as well.

has got the exclusive goods direct from id Software regarding the upcoming Quake III Mission Pack. With the news also come two exclusive screens straight from id and if you want even more shots then you can head on over to Quake 3 World. I suggest that you check this article out for more details on the new features of this anticipated mission pack.

GameSpot have posted a few screenshots from Act II and Act III from Blizzard's upcoming RPG, Diablo II.

Games Xtreme reviews Star Wars: Force Commander Games Xtreme reviews Stephen King's F13 GameCenter reviews Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed GA-Sports reviews Treadmarks NeoSeeker reviews Messiah GameSpy reviews Codename Eagle Gamesurge previews Star Trek : New Worlds

AnandTech reviews the ASUS V6800/64 MB video card GameWire.org reviews the Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D joystick 3DHardware.net reviews the ACT Labs RS Shifter Extreme Hardware reviews the S3/Diamond Monster Sound MX400 VR-Zone reviews the EPoX EP-7KXA motherboard G3D reviews the Northwind GDF, another Athlon overclocking card FiringSquad have posted a Celeron II 600 Overclocking article. PC Stats have posted an article about overclocking the Pentium III 600E Gamespy takes a look at hardware and tries to answer the question AMD Athlon or Pentium III.

Cédric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino, level designer at Epic Games has announced over at his page that he is currently working on a free Unreal Tournament level pack that will be released very soon. The level pack will contain two deathmatch levels and four CTF levels, one of them being the sequel to the very popular Unreal Tournament CTF level, Facing Worlds. There's a bunch of screenshots from all the levels over at Inoxx Industries.

The official Counter-Strike website has been updated with some new information of the next release (beta6.5) of this very popular Half-Life mod. They have also put together a zip file with all the first person weapon models that will help you convert any models to 6.5 when it's out. The reason they have to be converted is because all first person weapon models have to have a 2nd attachment point located at the place where the shell ejects from the gun. Grab that file here and visit CSnation for full information on this file.

I noticed over at Blues that there's a litte note on Mucky Foot's web page regarding their next game, which will be announced at E3 but GameSpot UK posted an interview today, with Gary Carr of Mucky Foot who reveals that their next game will be called "Startopia", which is their new 3D RTS game. Expect more information of this game once E3 is over, but there's a bunch of spicy details on the game in GameSpot UK's interview, so be sure that you check it out.

have conducted an interview with Power of Seven, the guys behind the music in Bungie's third-person action game, Oni. There's two neat MP3's available for you to download as well, to get a taste of their music from Oni.

has been updated with a bunch of interesting stuff, such as a new screenshot (check out the main page for a detailed description of the shot) from the Playstation2 version, they have also updated the character gallery with some details on "The Orenian Mage".

have posted revision 2 of their large Soldier of Fortune player model skinning document, which was written in conjunction with Raven Software. Getting a new skin to work with SoF isn't quite as straight forward as other games out there at the moment, but with this document players should be able to get a skin up and running in no time.