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fired off a few questions to Gabe Newell of Valve Software regarding their upcoming (and very anticipated) game, Team Fortress 2. A very interesting thing is that Gabe mentions that Team Fortress 2 will ship with a new engine instead of using the Quake 2 engine, like Half-Life did -- expect more details on this later. Word has it that this game won't be released this year, unfortunately. Read the whole Q&A session. Related Links : Team Fortress 2 Preview at EuroGamer

Mark Prindle informed me that SouthPeak Interactive's upcoming PC arcade racing game, BreakNeck has gone gold and will be available in stores on June 22. BreakNeck combines the spine-crushing speed of racing simulation with the exciting use of customizable firepower. Visually stunning, BreakNeck takes players to racing circuits around the world and tests their driving expertise in all types of weather conditions.

Massive Entertainment has finally released the demo of their anticipated upcoming 3D RTS, Ground Control which should go gold any day now. This demo weighs in at hefty 107 megs but I can assure you that it is worth the wait and while you're downloading the demo then you can take a look at the official website. Grab the demo from any of following mirrors (more mirrors will be added later): Related Links : Ground Control preview at Eurogamer

fired off a question to John Romero of Ion Storm asking about his next big thing after Daikatana which will hit the shelves in a few days. No juicy details but it is still very interesting as Romero's next title will use elements from Daikatana as a baseline for its content. Read the full story at FGN Online.

have conducted an interview with Will Loconto, sound dude over at Thirdlaw Interactive, the developers of the upcoming LithTech engine powered first-person shooter, KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child. Related Links : KISS : Psycho Circus preview at Eurogamer

I noticed over at Stomped that Hypothermia have posted a couple of movies that show off the gameplay of Quake 3: Team Arena, the upcoming mission pack to id Software's Quake 3 Arena. The movies were filmed at Activision's booth at E3, where they were showing off the game.

John has let me know that GA-Strategy received a detailed explanation of what new features Dark Reign 2 will bring to the strategy genre from Pandemic Studios' Director, Greg Borrud. As a bonus there's three brand new screenshots for this upcoming RTS game which is scheduled for a late Q2 2000 release. For more details and screenshots, check out Activision's official Dark Reign 2 website.

have put up a new patch (v1.2) for Cinematix's Action/RPG, Revenant which was released this year. Revenant version 1.2 includes new functionality to provide module builders with the ability to create true MUD style multiplayer coop levels. These modules can be set to run in 'dedicated' mode, and allow users to log in and play a persistent character on that server. Grab this file from 3D Files (2.1 Mb). Related Links : Revenant review at Eurogamer

For those of you who are interested in modifing the GHOUL character system in Raven Software's recently released first-person shooter, Soldier of Fortune then you can grab the entire set of 3D Studio Max files (these were released today) used for the game. These files weighs in at hefty 2.7GB (!), so they broke it up up into 4 zips, snag it from Raven's FTP.

I noticed over at Blue's News that Simon & Schuster Interactive has launched the official website for The Collective's upcoming Unreal engine powered third-person action game, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen. The website features screenshots, concept art, MP3's, videos and all the other information that you might possibly ever need.

have conducted an interview with Scott Miller of 3D Realms, the developers behind the upcoming anticipated first-person shooter, Duke Nukem Forever. They discuss a lot of subjects in this interview such as Duke Nukem Forever, Max Payne (from Remedy Entertainment) and a bunch of other interesting stuff, you can't afford to miss this one.

reports that Nihilistic Software's upcoming RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption is set on an "early June" release, according to John Heinecke (brand manager for V:tM @ Activision). John Heinecke apparently sounded very confident that things would be wrapped up by then, so be sure to keep an eye out for this game.

The 2000 Electronic Entertainment Expo is now officially over and there's a plethora of interesting stuff to read:

reports that an official add-on for Epic Games' first-person shooter, Unreal Tournament is being developed by Digitala Studios. This add-on is currently without a title but expect more news on this add-on very soon. This is an official product and will be fully supported by Epic Games, so expect nothing but the best.

According to a news blurb over at Well Rounded Entertainment, Fox Interactive's upcoming action/adventure game, Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be delayed until at least the first quarter of 2001. At present, the game is only 20 percent done and there are still a number of features to implement. Among those are negotiations with the cast of the show on whether they will lend their voices to the game.

have released the E3 2000 video trailer for their upcoming action game, Max Payne which hopefully should be released soon. This movie is available in two flavours, a 38 Mb AVI or a 2.8 Mb streaming video and you can grab it either from the official webpage or from Blue's News.

I spotted over at VE that Avault have posted some information (straight from E3) on EA's upcoming Quake III engine powered action/adventure game, American McGee's Alice. They even got three brand new shots from this game which is slated for a Quarter 3 2000 release.

that NovaLogic have announced their upcoming sequel to their popular Delta Force games, the sequel will be called Delta Force: Land Warrior and is scheduled for release in Quarter 3 2000. The game will feature new weapons and equipment, plus more of the large-scale online action that made the original titles popular, complete with speech communication via Voice-Over-Net and free gaming on Novaworld. Related Links : Delta Force 2 Review at Eurogamer

have put up an interview (short but still very interesting) with Anoop Shekar of Volition on the topic of Summoner, Volition's upcoming RPG. They talk about Summoner and the gaming industry, unfortunately there's nothing revealed about the upcoming mysterious FPS from Volition, which should be announced today (if I recall correctly).

have conducted an interview with Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software who are currently working on Half-Life: Opposing Force CTF which will be released soon, according to Randy himself. They talk about maps, power-ups, grapple hook and a bunch of other stuff, there's even a brand new screenshot available as well.

that 2015, if you're a true game geek then you remember that they are the guys behind the official SiN expansion, Wages of Sin are currently working on an unspecified first person shooter for Electronic Arts. The only thing that has been revealed about the game is that it will use id Software's Quake III Arena game engine and will be released in 2001. Stay tuned for an official announcement.

Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software mentions in his latest .plan update that they will be showing Half-Life: Opposing Force CTF at E3. So if you're interested in taking a peek at (and maybe even play) the soon-to-be-released icial Gearbox Capture The Flag before anyone else on the planet then go to the Half-Life display at the Sierra / Havas booth.

I spotted on Blues that Chris Taylor and Sarah Boulian from Gas-Powered Games replied to a few posts on the Gamer's Lounge Forums regarding their upcoming RPG, Dungeon Siege. In the first post (second from top) Chris describes the magic system in Dungeon Siege which seems very cool and in the second post (fourth from top) Sarah responds to the inevitable question "When will the game be released?".

have put up a new patch (1.5 Mb) for Fox Interactive's recently released action game, Die Hard Trilogy 2. The major issues fixed by this patch are: Timing problem when using Z-bias compatibility mode (with some nVidia hardware), Configuration issues on systems with multiple gaming devices and Intermittent problem displaying Sharpshooting end-of-level statistics. Additionally, a number of minor issues have been fixed.

I saw on the Shack that Valve Sector have posted an article filled with in depth information about Valve Software's upcoming game, Team Fortress 2. This article contains information about some of the weapons in the game, armor and a bunch of other very interesting things, remember that all things mentioned in this article are subject to change during development of the product itself. Related Links : Team Fortress 2 Preview at Eurogamer

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