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“Jane Austen, whose interests include travel, money, and film.”

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“These are all tools of expression...”

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“The aim is to convert all known matter in the universe…”

FeatureIs this our next great dystopia?

'Players won't be forced to wage wars...but they will undoubtedly happen.'

For me, a humble denizen of the 21st century, I have developed a real interest in the dreariness permeating Earth in 2017. I think a lot more about nukes now for example, which is a fun addition to my usual suspect of bewildering fears. I think a lot about the movie Threads in which the Soviet Union attacks Sheffield and everybody dies from ultraviolet radiation. I imagine in my mind the world in isometric perspective and what a contender this timeline would be for a cosmic re-roll if this only were a session of Civilization.

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Elegy for the 20th century.

Editor's note: Emily discusses the premise of each Stories Untold episode below. If you'd rather not spoil things for yourself, play before reading.

Infinite Crisis review

War of the worlds.

It's said that the curse started when George Keefer Brewer died at 45 years old, in circumstances that to this day remain unclear. Brewer, an Iowa native, all broad shoulders and a wide grin, is better known for his role as the favourite son of Krypton during the first television iteration of Superman. You've probably heard his name before in the context of The Superman Curse, which today is used as shorthand to describe the terrible fate that befalls those involved in creative adaptations of the franchise.